Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kinky Fuckery, Four

Someone dropped the bottle of lube forcing us to come back to reality.

I look around the room.

Two naked guys sat on the left edge of the bed watching me and Leo fuck while stroking each other. Near the bedroom door, a guy in his very skimpy underwear was leaning casually on the door also viewing us intently. His hands inside his bikini stroking his huge member as if showing me that his rod was easily twice as long and way fatter than Leo's.

He nodded and grinned when I looked at him. I smiled back in reply.

In truth, none of them pique my interest. Not since Leo and I started talking early that night. I was all for Leo since then.

But a thought got me thinking. What if they wanted to join us? What if they want to suck Leo or fuck my hole too?

This is a group party after all.

"You want to play with them?" He whispered nonchalantly. The words left his lips thoughtlessly but I can sense a carefully concealed anxiety between the words.

"You want me to play with them? I asked back. He was still in charge. If he said yes, then I would be at the mercy of three more guys thinking of Leo. 

Leo looked at the two guys sitting on the bed then promptly to the guy standing near the door who also gave him a curt nod. I patiently waited for my fate.

His eyes fell back to me again. I looked at him with pleading yet obedient glare. He smiled and shook his head no. "Like I said, you are mine."

My insides jumped in elation.

I hugged him tight and kissed him with affectionate devotion. I grabbed the lube that fell from the bed and offered it to him. "Then claim me, Leo. Show them that I am yours." I suggested.

With a boyish grin, he took the lube from my hands.

We kissed and embraced with such savage passion. My tongue explored his mouth as much as his to me. He showed him them how much I was his.

Leo repositioned himself back into my thigh rubbing his raging hardon against my skin while he nibbled on my erect nipples.

I kneaded Leo's ass as he started dry humping me. He concentrated on how good he felt on me, which was all the more a turn on. I revel on the feeling of his precum soaking, wet cock rubbing against my skin. 

He licked, sucked, and pulled my nipple in every way possible. The pain aroused me as much as the pleasure and experiencing both with someone you really like amplified the passion tenfold.

He soon turned his attention to my raging hard on. Leo had placed himself between my legs and slurped loudly on my rod taking all of my cock into his mouth.

I grabbed his head as I open my legs for him. One of his hand grabbed the base of my cock while the other played with my boyflower. His tongue swirled against my cock in his mouth and I felt myself getting ready to explode.

I moan as I felt my own dick was enveloped in a warm wet tongue. He slurped on my dick, then my balls and soon started in on my exposed ass.

I knew what he wanted and I wanted him to have it. He placed his hands under my knees, pulling them apart and back as he slurped my hole.

He caught me by surprise again as he licked my ass wet with his spit and stepped away for a moment. My own dick raged and I could have exploded at just one touch.

I can't stop squirming with pleasure.

Precum continued to flow out of my cock and into my abs. Then with both of his hands he spread my asscheeks as much as he can and sank his tongue in my ass again running wild. 


Monday, August 1, 2016

Kinky Fuckery, Three

I can feel his strong, skillful finger massage my tight, moist butt-hole. I moan. My body shakes.

"Relax, Silvan, you are doing well!" Leo encouraged.

I did as I was told. I relaxed. Leo was in charge. Soon, my hips started to rock, my chest heaved and became very full. 

I felt the tips of two fingers slide inside me, easily lubricated from my own wetness. Teasingly, Leo slipped just a little inside me, then pulled out to rub my hole. Over and over again, Leo did this until he knew I couldn't stand it anymore. Fingers entered me as my whole body felt the ecstasy of Leo's touch. 

Two, then three fingers thrusted into me as fast and hard as he thought I could take. I took a swift inhale of air. I was pleasantly caught of guard. My hole was only lubricated by Leo's saliva and my own wetness from wanting him. My surprised look yielded a very satisfying, victorious beam from Leo's manly face.

And I wanted more. 

I needed more. 

I ached for more. 

Knowing that I'm thrilling Leo helped me bear the agony and squirm with delight. Watching him enjoy himself made me painfully enjoy the deliciously discomfort. 

I tried to keep my feelings in check but I began to crack. His teasing was too much. 

"Claim me, Leo." I pleaded. 

He looked at me in wonder. I love it when he makes eye contact. It was genuine. It was real. 

Leo smirked and said "Do you like this?" and sinked his fingers in the depths of my boypussy. 

"Do you want more?" 

I barely mumbled a yes between moans. With one quick move, he slid his body between my thighs without ever pulling his fingers from me. 

Leo's dived and his tongue touched my throbbing member. I was electrified. Slowly, he licked me all over, all the while still penetrating me as I opened more for him. His mouth enveloped my mushroom head, skillfully teasing and tickling me. I could feel myself ejaculate, my juices freely flowing in me as I got closer and closer driving me over the edge. 

A fourth finger entered me, stretching my manhole to its limits. "Oh Shit!" I cried. My ass was on fire. 

The pain amplified the pleasure Leo was giving me. My toes curled and I tilted my head back. He knew all his touches were exactly what I wanted and needed and he knew just when to do what. He sucked on my throbbing member harder as his his fingers repeatedly banged my anal Gspot. 

He continued to finger fuck me while I rocked my hips back and forth in pure delight. I was getting so close, and Leo knew it.

Then he stopped. 

I was breathing heavily when Leo climbed on top of me and whispered before giving me a wet willy. "Not yet Silvan. Not yet." He was dripping with sweat and smelled wonderfully masculine over me.

He climbed up and gave me warm, affectionate embraces. "Good boy!" He congratulated. "You have no idea how hot you are making me."

"I'm pleased that you are enjoying this." I smiled.

"Very much!" Leo answered.

His reply made me go crazy inside. Now, I wanted to please him as much as he has pleased me. 

I held his face in my warm hands and announced. "My turn now."

Before he could respond, I leaned forward and kissed him. I felt his body relax as his tongue entered my mouth. I pressed my body against his. His cock pressed against my balls as my dick pressed against his stomach.

I started kissing his neck. 

Then his ears.

Then his throat. 

I lowered my mouth to his chest and greedily sucked on his nipples through his thin mat of chest hair. It felt good to the touch. I reminded myself again to lay on his chest someday soon. I bit on his nipples a bit. I heard him gasp. In my mind, I did a somersault. He liked it. I allowed a small smile escaped my lips and bit a little harder. I heard him moan. It was music to my ears. 

I turned my attention to his armpits grabbing his biceps as he flexed it with pride. He watched me with delight as I worshiped his muscle, smelled his sweet yet manly musk and kissed his pits. 

His smell shoot me of the roof. It was like a drug. It made me want him even more.

I then went further down licking and kissing his body to the tune of his groan.

"Damn! Silvan!" He murmured. “You are mine.”

I took his cock in my hand and began kissing it slowly. I watched him watch me warm his icehard dick with my breath. 

Now, it's my turn.

I wrapped my lips in his manshaft and steadily took his manhood in my throat with tender mastery. I sucked, nibbled and bit softly on his dick. My wet tongue worked his pole inside my mouth until "Oooh's" and "Aaah's" began escaping Leo's lips. 

Leo's crotch radiated his manliness. His smell sends my head swimming with pleasure. I was really into what I was doing. It felt so good to see him twitch and gasp and smile with glee from my skillfull blow. Groaning with Leo's dick in my mouth, I was truly in heaven.  

He reach down and with both hands held my head urging me to go deeper. I grabbed his hips, held myself steady and dived in. Leo gazed with astonished bliss as I sink lower and lower until his cock disappeared in my mouth. I answered his gaze with a confident glare never breaking eye contact even after I reached the base of his cock. It was not difficult to take him all as Leo's dick was smaller than average.

Sub-par but fulfilling none the less.

My hands left Leo's hips, reached up and grabbed his firm chest. It was not muscular but it was substantially bigger than mine. His magnificent nipples erects at my slightest touch. I kneaded them in my hands as he mumbled pleasantries. 

Soon, Leo had developed a steady rhythm, regularly finding the back of my throat as he rammed his cock in my mouth. He was a talker and a moaner. He lavished such praise at my lips and tongue, it caused me to redouble my efforts at pleasing him.

However, before I knew it, three guys had abandoned the cute chinito, which was still getting banged, and now are watching us fuck.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kinky Fuckery, Two

"You're not going anywhere tonight." Leo announced solemnly with a malicious grin. "I am going to take care of you Silvan." 

"You are going to suck me and I am going to fuck you however I want." 

I shivered a bit. I suddenly realized that he liked being in control. I thought, "Anything, for this man." He impressed me with his wits and stirred my brains first before wanting to claim the rest of me. We've been doing intellectual foreplay long before I realized it and he won me head to foot. I wanted him to be in control.

Leo quickly stirred me from my momentary bliss by twisting my nipples behind my neatly pressed, longsleeved button down shirt.

I bit my lips and nodded making sure he knows I was clearly excited.

"I am yours. I'll do anything you want." I whispered.

"Good Boy!" He commended with cool satisfaction. "Well then, let's to slip out of these clothes and get comfy so we can start settling in for the night." 

I nodded again.

At that moment, all I want to do is to be with him. He lowered himself to me. His body was warm and soft to the touch. It was pure heaven. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I want this. 

I want him.

Leo firmly held my hand and kissed it before moving down, dropping to his knees and unyieldingly kissed the bulge that clearly showed my eagerness to have him. My hard manpole twitched as soon as I felt his warm breathe seeped through my pant making him chuckle.

He kissed my bulge again and again and again, his lips pressing deep into my manmeat until I giggled. Boys will be boys.

We soon removed our clothes. By the time I have removed my leather shoes, socks and pants, he was already on his tight boxers. I can see a small buldge slowly growing. 

I wanted to grab it but I resisted.

We entered the dark bedroom aptly called "playroom". A waft of heavy sweat and sweet cum greeted our nostrils. I can hear people moaning in sync. I looked down at the bed. I can see cute chinito surrounded by men getting fucking him in turns. 

He lead me to a corner and bent down to whisper in my ear, "Lay there.” 

I obeyed.  

Lying on my side, he lifted up his right arm and traced my nipple with his finger. It started with subtle brushing until his other fingers joined in and caressed my chest with savage delicateness. 

I could feel his hard cock poking my obliques. I couldn't resist anymore. I needed to feel his erectness. I grabbed it and squeezed it with just the slightest bit of pressure. His dick was small... below average even. But at that point, I didn't care anymore. 

He paused when I squeezed his manpole. I can tell that he was worried about his lack of "talent" turning me off. That will never happen even up to this day.

I wanted to show him I'm his all night. With my free hand, I touched his face, looked straight in his eyes and assured him that his "short coming" doesn't bother me at all. To me, he was worth more than a huge cock. 

I grabbed the elastics of my underwear and started to removed it. But even before my hard mushroom head escaped its fabric confines, he stopped me. He wanted to remove it himself. He put his right leg over my left and slid on top of me and with both his hands, he slowly pulled down my thin cotton underwear until my cock sprang out. I lifted my ass so he can remove it with ease. I watch Leo get me naked. He was really taking his time. I can see how much he was enjoying this. I was enjoying it too.

The moment my left foot released my underwear, he raised my underwear into his face and smelled it. 

Boy it was fucking hot! 

He answered my smile with a grin before removing his own tight whites taking as much time as he did when he removed mine. The show was almost too much to bear. My cock was leaking precum.

I was savoring everything every moment. Just having Leo touch me made me crazy. He leaned over and nudged my head over with his. Kisses showered my neck and shoulder while his strong hands worked from my pecs to my belly and down to my cock. 

My hands felt their way over to his body too, caressing his skin. His nice hairy chest was to die for. I made a mental note to at least rest my head on it.

I needed more.

I could feel his precum smearing on my thigh as he slowly started rocking his hips. It drove me into pure ecstasy. Leo kissed me hard and full on the mouth again. His tongue reaching to mine. I responded with just as much passion, reaching past his hips and into his ass squeezing hard. 

We hugged each other tight while we kissed without any reservations.

Then on what seemed like forever, he started playing with my naked body again. He licked his fingers wet before playing with my nipples twisting and pinching with pleasurable torture. He watched how I would react and I tried hard not to show him I was in pain. 

"Damn Silvan, you are so fuckin' hot!" He said. 

Then his hand squeezed my chest hard again and strolled down crushing my obliques before I felt it go further down until the tips of his fingers found my hard dick and pinched my cockslit which was wet with precum. He put his fingers wet with my precum in his mouth without breaking eye contact further lubricating it with his spit before he went his way to my man pussy rubbing it in circles. 

I spread my legs to give him access and moaned to show my appreciation.  

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kinky Fuckery

I arrived fashionably late in my best business casual attire in an exclusive, private party along Makati Ave. It was not by my choice to come in such formal fashion as the invitation to this raunchy gathering was extended in such short notice that an emergency leave has to be arranged for me to attend.

Given the choice, I would have worn something smashing yet easy to remove and quick to put on.

He was sitting on the edge of the three seater couch when the host announced my arrival. Beside him, seating was the eye candy of the entire suite. A shy, shockingly cute chinito that the whole room was ogling at and can't wait to fuck.

The guys momentarily stopped their chit-chat and welcomed me warmly. At first glance, I can tell that this is a fun group to be with. He smiled as I waved my hand with cautious excitement. I never paid attention to it, at that moment, as I was also won by the cute chinito's silent charm.

That is until the party really started.

A couple of drinks and a good hour passed when a piercing quietness suddenly descended the living room. Cute, and now drunk, chinito stood up and went inside the bedroom. My body tingled and tensed as I watch the living room slowly emptied as stud after stud followed chinito into the bedroom where men will literally fall in line to get their way into his willing, boy cunt well into the morning.

Soon, the living room was left to me, casually talking to a past acquaintance at the small dining table and him, whose proximity to the belle of the ball, surprised me as he was still glued to the sofa watching TV who I would often catch stealing glances. Honestly, I was not even sure if he was stealing glances or just coincidentally looking as it was just the three of us left with the occasional naked guy going out of the bedroom to use the toilet or grab something to drink.

We sank into the sofa and joined him with me sitting beside him. My eyes met his almost confrontational stare. I can't help myself staring back messing up my introduction with mumbled drunkenness. This was the first time a really had the chance to have good look at him. He had beautiful eyes.

Though not as handsome as the fair chinito who we can hear moaning from the bedroom, his looks can hold out with the most of the guys who attended the party. His brown skin screamed his filipino roots as he radiated a humble confidence in contrast with chinito's shy aura.    

"I'm Leo." He smiled as if my clumsy greeting never happened.

"Silvan." I replied confidently.

My plan was to stay for a while before joining the others inside the bedroom. The oh's and ah's of the guys fucking each other was like calling me like a moth to a flame. I really want to give cute chinito a go too.

However, I found myself having a nice and suprisingly, smart chat with Leo. I could not help but smile as we exchange thought of virtually anything and everything under the sun. Soon, the thought of cute chinito and the rest of the guys in the other room was pushed aside and the ecstatic voices was drowned by his low, sexy voice. Even the former acquaintance, who I was originally talking to, left us unceremoniously on our own.

It astonished me that he made me feel stimulated and made my inside do small skips of excitement. I got to admit, I was confused at first as to why he had that effect on me. But then again, I was always impressed, and turned on, by guys who can carry a stimulating and intelligent conversation. My heart pounded every time our eyes would meet and this was caused by a person I just met over an hour ago.

The empty space between us got smaller and smaller. And the next thing I knew, we were holding hands. I just looked at him, dumbfounded. He was asking something, but it was not registering. 

Then he leaned over and I just closed my eyes as he kissed me softly.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016


We think happiness is always tied to getting things; getting the job we want, the car we want, the shoes we want or the person we like. We think we will be happy once we get certain things and we want to have them right away.

But the more things didn’t work out for me, the more I realized that happiness can be found in losing things instead of having them, that sometimes, I could want what might potentially destroy me.

Sometimes, happiness is found in letting things go; when you don’t fight too hard, when you don’t obsess over things you can’t control and when you don’t try to change something that is fixed or something that will not be adjusted according to your own frame of expectations.

Sometimes, happiness is found in losing people you loved, because you don’t have to feel like you’re the one who cares more or you’re the one who is more invested or you’re the one who keeps bending and breaking to keep things going.

Sometimes, happiness comes from short-term sadness.

Sometimes, happiness is found in getting what you were resisting, because you learn that you can survive and you learn to battle your fears and conquer your doubts. Sometimes you get opposite of what you prayed for so you can change your direction, change your path and change your life.

Sometimes, happiness is found in confusion, when you try to be grateful for the few things that are going right, when you try to laugh amidst the irony of it all and when you learn to enjoy the simple moments that you used to take for granted when everything was going right.

Sometimes, happiness comes when we’ve lost all hope and set ourselves free from the rules we inflicted on ourselves and all the plans we made.

Sometimes, happiness is found when you cease to look for it, when you stop trying to gain things to make you feel whole, when you stop running after those who were not able to love you, when you stop putting too much pressure on controlling your fate or controlling your future and when you stop expecting happiness to manifest itself to you exactly the way you want it.

Sometimes, happiness is found when everything you wanted gets taken away from you.

And sometimes happiness is found when you set it free, when you don’t tie it to things or people, when you let it bestow its gift upon you at the right time.

Happiness comes when you stop caring about what’s happening around you and start caring about what’s happening inside you.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Back to School

Paul was entering his new school.

At 15, he was one year younger than his batch mates who’s beginning the 9th grade on the new K-12 system. He didn't really know what to expect. He was worried, as all transfer students do, that as a fresh meat, he would be completely bullied. On the other hand, he was excited as this was going to be a new experience for him. He was both frightened and thrilled at the same time.  

However, when he entered the campus he was completely ignored. He never felt so low. On his classes, some of the teachers introduced him as a new student.

Most didn't.

Being introduced though, didn't help anyway, he was still ignored. A couple of guys spoke a little during recess but that was about it. The gang of misfit looking seniors that looked at him on the corridor even made him feel worse as they grinned and made comments to each other afterwards.

Paul thought of himself during lunch break. He was 5 feet 6 inches tall weighing at a little over 100 lbs. A bit average for his age but compared to his batch mates, whose one year older, he was a skinny midget. He went home on his first day of school sad. His self-esteem, on an all-time low.

Two weeks later, things was starting to change for the better when those two guys that talked to him on his first day, talked to him again during PE when they tried to get him involved in school life. Will was just as tall as him only sportier with a smile that’s to die for. Jason, on the other hand, was taller. He was way above average in looks and in everything else. They made sure Paul was with them at lunch time and before and after school.

Then they invited him to a sleep over. Will’s parents were going out of town for the weekend. So it was going to be from Friday afternoon until sometime Sunday. They told him they were having some friends over on Saturday night. He was really excited about being included.

It seemed like forever before Friday arrived. Paul could not believe how excited he was. He had grown really close to his two new friends. They talked about everything except sex. He thought it a little odd but he didn't say anything. He discreetly watched both of them in the shower after PE. The first thing he had noticed was that they have hot bodies. And Will, though bit shorter than Jason sported a huge package.

Friday finally came and as soon as the final bell signaled the end of the day, they were out the door straight to Will’s house. All three went straight to the kitchen and hit the fridge. Will produced 3 ice cold bottles of sodas and some munchies. Then they sat at the counter drank and ate and drank some more. Then they retired to the living room and watch Anime re-runs. As they sat in there Paul noticed that his new friends kept looking at each other. He knew something was up but he didn't know what. He just completely ignored them and played along with their little game.

Then Jason said, "We've got some personal hygiene to take care of this afternoon and we'd like you to join us."

Paul looked at both of them and was really puzzled.

Personal hygiene? Want him to help? What was this all about?
"I don't understand." Paul asked.

Will replied, "We need to trim our pubes to get ready for tomorrow night and we want to shave yours too."

Now he saw the picture. "But I don't trim mine. I like it the way it is." Paul declared.

"Well new dear friend, you look gross with all that hair in your crotch." Jason said before standing up in front of Will and Paul and suggested. “Let’s get started."

They went up to Will’s room and Paul watched as his two new friends started striping their clothes off in front of him. They kept pushing each other and kind of fooling around. Their dicks dangling freely. Then when both of them fell on the bed, Jason grabbed Will and wrapped his lean arms around him in a big hug and kissed him right on the mouth.

Paul watched in shock as Jason and Will’s kiss lasted sometime and while they were kissing they were grinding their pelvises at each other and really starting to make out. Their cock, hard as a rock, fencing. When they finally noticed him standing in shock. Paul already has sported a tent on his pants. Then they asked him over to them which Paul slowly complied. They sat on each side of him on the bed.

Without asking or saying anything Paul’s clothes rapidly left his body and there he was, nude like they were.

“I told you he was hot!” Jason said to Will.

Will grinned before standing up and went for some drinks leaving Jason and Paul on the bedroom together. He put his hand on Paul’s face and ran his finger around his cheeks.

Then down his throat and finally ended up tweaking his nipples. Will entered with a tray and handed out a can of pop. They all just sat there naked looking at each other. Paul was the only one that didn't know what was happening next. Jason started the conversation by asking, "Have you ever kissed a boy?"

"Me and my cousin fooled around." Paul answered.

"Did you let him jerked you off?"

"Yes," He replied.

"Have you ever made out with him?"

Paul thought for several minutes about what to do next. The truth is, he and his cousin have been fooling around every summer when he would take a vacation and stay with his relatives in the province or when there’s a family occasion that will cause his cousin to stay overnight and sleep in his room.

Finally he said. "Yes I made out with my cousin. In fact, I've done just about everything with him.”

Jason and Will looked utterly stunned. Their mouths were open and they were unable to speak. Paul sort of smiled and asked.

"Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes," they said in unison.

"I was 12 when I first saw my cousin’s hard cock and before that summer was over, I stroked it and sucked it and tasted the cum that shot out of it. I was 12 and he was 15.”

“One day, we were just horsing around in his room just like you guys a while ago until we fell in the bed and felt his raging hard on top of mine.” Paul continued.

“By the time that we went out of his room for dinner, we kissed, jerked each other off and cummed in each other’s hands.”

“One week later while playing in the farm, my cousin asked me to stroke his cock for him. This was my cousin and my best friend, I would do anything he asked. I slowly took hold of his meat. His cock felt so hot and hard in my hand but the skin was so soft. I could feel a reaction as I pumped up and down with my hand.  After stroking him for a while, he asked me if I would lick the end of it.”

“I mean I had no idea that what he was asking me to do was give him a blow job.” Paul continued. “But I licked it and then he put his hand on the back of my head and forced my mouth down on his dick. I would guess it was about 6 inches and I gagged and choked but he told me what to do until believe it or not, I was able to take it all down my throat. It was a very short time before he shot his load in my mouth. He told me to swallow it so I did. I kind of liked the taste.”

Paul took a drink of his soda and swallowed hard. He noticed that Will and Jason’s cock was hard again.

So was he.  

"Guess the trim will have to wait until tomorrow." Jason grinned. 

"I guess it will," Will replied before grabbing Paul’s hard cock while Jason leaned over and kissed Paul.