Monday, December 1, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, Part 10

Miguel watched Ash sleep. His boyish, inexperienced face settling comfortably in his chest.

Inside the scruffy hut he had made years ago, the love of his life is sleeping peacefully in his warm embrace. The cold, humid air brought the salty freshness of the sea. The Full Moon shining brightly over the gaps of the dilapidated roof.

Miguel can't sleep. He is too happy and overwhelmed of the recent event.

He would not blink if he can help it. He can hear Ash’s breathing. He can hear his heart beats as it pleasantly settled next to his. 

He wasn’t able to cum. Not that Ash didn’t tried to return the favor.

He did.

But his inexperience kept him gagging and biting his steel hard man pole. In the end, he decided to stop him. He raised Ash’s head into his, looked at his teary eyes and kissed him.

“I’m sorry.” Ash apologized. “I am not good at this.”

“No worries.” He assured him. “We can try that some other time.”

“You haven’t cum yet… I want you to.”

“Having you in my arms right now is the best feeling, babe” Miguel reassuringly smiled.

With that, he hugged him until the sound of the waves lulled Ash to sleep.

But the truth is, he really wanted to cum. He wanted to claim Ash’s virgin flower and fill it with his love juice. However, he can tell that Ash is not ready for that.

At least not yet.

Ash making the effort to give him pleasure was more than enough to bring him to cloud nine.

“Knowing that he loved me too is enough.” He thought.

He studied Ash’s naked body more closely while he was far away from dreaming. His shoulders were slightly broader since he first saw him at the start of the summer. His abs were more tight and taut. His arms were long and strong with biceps and triceps more defined from surfing everyday. His legs were pretty solid too…and a little hairy. He also had a pronounced treasure trail of hair leading from his cute belly button down to his pubic area. 

Even his cock was fairly impressive while flaccid.

Within moments, he started to get an erection again. He needed to be stroked.

He yearned for some release.

But he doesn’t want to wake Ash who’s sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Then as if listening to his heart and mind, Ash moved and turned over giving Miguel more space. After a while, Ash writhed again which freed Miguel's arms.

He kissed him gently on the cheek and ever so slowly, went outside the hut. Naked as a baby, he spread his arms like the naked UP statue savoring the cool air before sitting on his surf board.

He thought of Ash and their first lovemaking a couple of hours ago.

He can still taste Ash’s sweet cum in his mouth. He can still smell him in his body. He felt that familiar twitch in his cock. He looked down at his toned and tanned body of which he was so proud of. His fat, 7-inch dick, aiming up to his body towards his face.

He slowly gripped his raging hard on while thinking of his lover’s naked body. He can still remember clearly in his mind how Ash’s pole move as he breath in and out in sync with his tight abs moving up and down.

He took his hand and touched the tip of his cock slit now all smeared with his precum. His breathing stopped as he gasped from the feeling. His own six packs tightened for an instant. He kept rubbing his now throbbing member and then moved his fingers down his shaft, gripping just under the head all the while thinking of Ash.

He tugged his cock and felt it stir eagerly waiting for his attention. He then moved his hand down and back up. His other hand rubbed the tip of his dick again. Touching the soft head while thinking of Ash felt like nothing he had ever felt.

He used his thumb and two fingers to gently squeezed his mushroom head. Shivering at the sensation, his toes flexed back. There was a small sheen of sweat now covering his naked body. He bit his lip as he continued to tugged and pull his throbbing member.

His now sensitive shaft felt so good as he continued pull up and tug it down again.


And again.

His legs flexed against the surf board, his heels digging into the sand.

Feeling the tingling rise within him, he imagined what it feels like when Ash is ready to give him his tight hole. Choking his hard boy pole, he continued pulling up and tugging down again.


And again.

Then it was all too much. 

He clenched his eyes shut and his toes curled. A small yelp escaped his lips as he was greeted with an explosion of warm cum.

Gush after gush of his man seed squirted from his throbbing pole, pumping a seemingly endless supply of boy jizz into his toned, naked body.

He was almost delirious as he shallowly gasped for air. His mind blank except for the handsome face of Ash.

He laid back on the surfboard and watch the stars slowly vanished one by one to give way to the rising sun.

“I won’t hurt Ash.” He promised to himself. “I would make his first, and our first, time special.”

“I wont enter Ash.”

“I won’t until his ready.”

"Until he say so."

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