Monday, February 11, 2013

Last Minute Prep

My shift ended on a high note. I’m confident that I pretty much covered everything that I need to do before I leave for my 5 day vacation in Bangkok.

All the reports have been prepared.  My deliverables, properly endorsed.

I sent another e-mail to my boss and my team with regards to the endorsement and distribution of my work enumerating who will take care of what while I’m away cause I’ll be gone for almost a week and I warned my boss that I have no plans of answering my phone. In fact, I’m going to turn off my phone!

Just in case!

The e-mail would at least assure her that I’m leaving her with a very competent and organized support team... and also to cover my ass.

Planning to re-check everything for the last time, my boss approached my station and stopped me.

“Silvan, ok na lahat. Enjoy!” She smiled.

“Are you sure?”

“Keri na! Now get the hell out of here!” She said in her signature pinoy “fag-haggy” language.

With that being said, I quickly left the office before she changes her mind.

It all started September last year when I am, yet again, at another crossroad. I late, Sunday night, I got a phone call from J.R.

“Silvan, we’re going to Thailand! We bought you tickets and the hotel has been booked.” He said excitedly.

“Don’t worry I paid for your tickets. You can pay me later.”

“Uhmmm... Thank You?” I answered.

“Akala ko pa naman magiging masaya ka.”
“Sorry friend.  Sobrang bilis kasi ng mga pangyayari.” I replied in defence. “Kailan ba yan para ma file ko na ang VL ko.”

“Chinese Lunar New Year... like Singapore last year.”

“Ah okay. Sige! File ko na yan.”

Since I found out that I am officially going abroad for a vacation, I tried not to think about it much. I guess my mind wasn't really into it. A month later, I paid for the tickets. This is the first time I entertained the thought that I am really travelling again but still I refuse to entertain any thought of it. I didn't let it go to my head. As a result, my life moved on per usual.

I know that I am going to enjoy this trip and spending another vacation with my friend has always been a blast but since a lot has happened in my life, I have built a wall around me to protect myself from not getting hurt. The trade-off though is I don’t easily get excited about new stuff as I have learned to prepare but not expect too much until the last minute.

4 hours before my flight, I started packing things. 4 shirts, 1 long sleeve, 2 sando, 4 shorts, 1 jeans, a pair of socks and a week’s worth of underwear. I put all my toiletries in a handy bag and throw it inside my bag too. An hour later, I left the house. I shot a group message to everyone who is coming doing some sort of a cyber roll call. As expected, everyone replied and all on their way to the airport.

It’s fun to travel during the wee morning. EDSA traffic couldn't get any lighter. We breezed through the road and passed SM North EDSA, then SM Mega Mall, then Ayala, then Resorts World. I arrived at the departure area of the Airport in great time.

And as I step off the cab and wheeled my way into the new International Airport. A sudden rush of feeling crept through my veins. I realized this is really happening.

Now I’m genuinely excited.