Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash

inspired by Mika Sadahiro's Surf Junkie

Ash hopped in the first bus to Baler the moment the university declared school's out. He had been waiting for this all year. In fact, he had his stuff all packed up for days now impatiently waiting for summer to begin.

Baler, Aurora has been known as the surfing Mecca of Luzon. The locals are proud of their sandy shorelines and soft, shallow ocean bed and tourists can't get enough of the crazy waves it produces. For Ash, who saved all year for a 2 month stay in this Philippine province, it is the “holy grail” for someone who wants to master this surface water sport.

After 7 long hours in the bus, he found himself breathing the fresh, salty air of the pride of Southern Tagalog. He can't wait to start. Since he is starving, he decided to dine out. He quickly searched for the hotel he had pre-chosen and pre-booked for months and immediately checked in. He went to his room, prepped and went out for a night stroll along the beach and a good authentic Baler dinner.

He decided to do the former walking first along the shoreline for a while enjoying the evening ambiance. The dark sky was clear and crying with tiny silver droplets ready to fall on his head at anytime. The night air coming from the sea is overwhelming and the sound of the turbulent waves screaming then toning down to a dull roar has a mix of intense pleasure and calming effect on him.

"This is a dream come true!" He thought.

After a while, he can no longer ignore his hunger and decided to look for the restaurant that the lady at the front desk recommended. He sat on one of the tables on the veranda so that he can still get that beautiful view of the evening shore.

After settling in, he calls on the waiter to come and politely asks for the menu. "I heard you have the most authentic Ensaladang Pako here." He commented while browsing through the menu.

"We do sir!" The waiter said proudly. "You can have the famous Baler delicacy as a zesty side or as a part of your main course."

"I see. I'll have it with grilled tuna then and one green mango shake please." Ash ordered as he returns the menu. For a slight moment, their hand touch as the waiter took the menu away prompting Ash to look at the waiter's face for the first time.

"One Ensaladang Pako with grilled Tuna and one green mango shake for sir..."

"Ash.  Just call me Ash... uhmmm Miguel." He introduced himself as he looks at the waiter's name plate neatly pinned on his right chest.

Miguel beams a smile. He appreciated that a customer called him by his name. Come think of it, he thought, Ash was easy on the eyes. He was the classic Pinoy chinito with refined city boy flair. Even while sitting he can tell Ash might be as tall as he is. He also liked the way Ash's eyes reduced to a slit when he smiles.

"One Ensaladang Pako with grilled Tuna and one green mango shake for Sir Ash, coming right up!"

Ash watched Miguel as he enthusiastically walked away with his order. He is straight of course or he thinks he's straight. He is only 19 but had already fucked girls more than his fingers can count. Plus, he never slept with a guy before so he guesses he's straight.

But he can't help himself stop from smiling. The image of Miguel keeps on swirling in his head.

Miguel can't be any older than he is and might be just as lithe and tall. He had a lean body he suspects from surfing every day. His uniform hugs his body perfectly. His piercing, deep-set eyes crowned with long eye lashes along with his perfect nose also shows tall-tell signs that he might have a foreign blood flowing on his beautifully tanned body.

After a few minutes, Miguel is back with his dinner but he is no longer wearing his uniform. "Your dinner Sir Ash." Miguel announced as he carefully places his meal front of him.

"Just Ash, Miguel. Just Ash,"

"Sorry Ash... force of habit." Miguel smiled apologetically.

"You are not wearing your uniform anymore." He asked non-challant.

"Ahhh, you noticed. I just finished my shift." He explained. "You’re my last customer."

"You shouldn't have bothered then Miguel. You could have asked someone to bring my meal to me."

"It's okay. I took your order, I thought I should be the one to serve it to you."

"That's so nice of you. Thanks." Ash complemented.  "Here... for your trouble." He took a bill on his wallet and offered it to Miguel.

"That’s okay. You can leave the tip later. We equally share it here anyway." Miguel said refusing to take the money. “Thanks though. I really appreciate it.”

"See you around then Miguel. It was nice meeting you."

"Likewise, Sir Ash."

"I told you, just Ash."

"Alright, see you around too Ash." Miguel said before walking out of the restaurant.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Proposal

While browsing through my feeds today, this post got my attention.

At first, I thought this is going to be an epic fail as this kind of life event is normally reserved for the masculine demographic. Then halfway through the video, it got me crying my eyes out. 

Love defies tradition. It does not conform to norms. 

And this is a proof that love knows no boundaries.

Paano ko ba sisimulan to? Grabe naman kasi :) nagpunta kami ng The Feast PICC kanina, nasa parking palang kami tumakbo na si Mich kasi daw na-CR siya. Pagdating sa loob, mag start na yung preach, mag CR lang daw siya ulit. Si Bro Bo Sanchez ang preacher kanina, friend namin siya. Habang nagsasalita siya bigla niya sinabi na watch daw yung nasa big screen, kasi ang topic kanina "trending" basta may kinalaman kami daw dun. Something like that. So nagulat ako, lumabas mukha namin sa screen, tinatawagan ko si Mich kasi mga 15-20mins na siyang wala baka kung napano na sa CR tsaka gusto ko makita niya yung video namin nasa screen, wala akong idea talaga na set up pala lahat.

Bigla siyang lumabas from the backstage at nagsalita. Dun palang bumaha na ng luha ko sa church hehe! Akala ko anniversary gift lang, anniv kasi namin kahapon. Tapos nagulat ako naglabasan mga close friends ko sa stage. Di ko na alam nangyayari. Halo halong emosyon na eh. Nakakaiyak pa yung kanta "A Thousand Years". Biglang dahan dahan lumalapit si Mich, di ko na naiintindihan sinasabi niya kasi iba na ung pakiramdam. Para akong lutang na di alam nangyayari. Blur paligid. Iyak lang ng iyak.

Nung malapit na siya sa akin bigla ba namang sinabi "Will you be my happily ever after?" Duuudddeee! Are you serious??? Ang reaksyon ko agad, bakit ikaw nag propose? huhu!! Kasi pangarap ko din un para sa amin. Alam kong gusto niyang maramdaman un pero siya ang gumawa sa akin. Syempre sinagot ko siya ng "SYEMPRE YES!" Biglang inabot sa akin ung ring, di ko alam kung ako ba susuotan niya ng ring hahaha! Eh nakita ko pambabae ung ring, sabi ko "ahhhh ako magsusuot sa kanya" tapos sinabi ko "Will you marry me?" Sabi niya "OFCOURSE YES" duudeee! Iyak na ako ng iyak pati mga tao nakita ko iyak din ng iyak hehehe! Di ko ma-compose ng maayos to, basta gusto ko mag kwento lang kahit mahaba. Ang tagal niya na palang plano to. Lahat ng surprise niya nahahalata ko, pero eto magaling! Kasabwat family, friends ko, family niya, pati mga leaders sa church. Wala talaga akong idea! Ang galing lang. Basta sabaw ako ngayon. Di ako makapaniwala. Best day ever!!!! Pagkatapos ng mass, lahat ng tao bumabati sa amin. "Congrats! Magpagaling ka!"

Basta iba talaga! Ilan lang ba ang makakaramdam ng ganitong pakiramdam??? Babae nag propose sa lalake! Surreal! Babawi ako! Promise!!! Promise!!! Yung ginawa mo ngayon pang history! Haha :) Sobrang maaahaaalll kita Pawliinnn Mityeel!!! Para pa rin akong nasa panaginip. Haba ng hair!!! Hahhaa :)))) I AM ENGAGED dudes!! Di na kami mapaghihiwalay. Habang buhay kong kasama ang taong pinakamamahal ko!!!! Habang buhay!!!!!

- (From Jam's post) Jamich Fanpage

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rated PG: KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken

KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken
Ala carte: Php 99
Combo: Php 109

A friend asked me to help him get a replacement card for his lost ATM yesterday right after shift.

We got his card replace alright. Unfortunately, at the expense of my Tuesday morning work out.

After we received an extreme slow service despite the lack of customers during that time, we braved the blistering heat and went to Eastwood City for lunch courtesy of my friend. His compensation for me not getting my daily dose of muscle builder.

We decided to go fast. So we choose my ever trusted KFC.

Which by the time I post this, is not so trusted anymore.

They claim that this co-creation is an unexpected combination of the favorite chicken and the favorite chip. It's marinated in cheese topped with real Clover Chip bits, and paired with tasty flavored rice, mashed potato with corn and country gravy.

They were quite right about the word "unexpected". It's unexpectedly not "so good."

Let's start with the chicken. 

The chicken is good. The cheese flavored chip is good. It's just that they are not good together. The cheese made the chicken salty and greasy and it leaves a funky taste in your mouth that would suck the appetite out of you for days.

The country gravy is like a watered down cheesy mushroom soup that basically does nothing to compliment the chicken. Not that there's something to compliment. 

The rice was flavored but it's just pretty much it. Nothing special. I had better tasting rice at a fraction of the price.

So is the corned mashed potatoes. It just screams regular and common.

The good news is the gravy is refillable. So just in case you accidentally choose this meal on the menu, you can use it to wash your mouth off the horrible taste.

Overall, they just gave a whole different meaning to the term "Junk Food."

My Verdict: 2 out of 10 

Don't get me wrong, I love KFC. I just don't love KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014


For the person who has been always there for me through thick and thin.

For the person who put up with my shit no matter what.

For the person who has been my partner in crime.

For the first person who I genuinely love... and will love forever.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

No words can express how much I love you!!!

photo here

Thursday, May 8, 2014


A dog turned into a wolf because he loves those loyal canines.

3 stars and a sun as a symbol of our culture and heritage.

Our family name in the ancient Filipino alphabet.

9 siblings, 1 very talented tattoo artist for a brother, 1 idea.

A tribute for my dad.

My he rest in peace.

Bro inking himself and some of our siblings

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The One that got Away

I was briskly treading the busy evening street to the bus stop from our house in Monumento when I saw him. The last time we chatted, he was still in Canada working as a hotel manager. He said he’ll let me know if his back in town. 

I guess it slipped his mind.

It’s been ages since I saw his face. Even from afar, I can see his chinito eyes reduce to a slit as he laugh with a familiar guy. I never got acquainted with the guy he was with but I knew him from his constant appearance on his photos. He’s the one that mend the heart I broke.

I stopped. He walked passed by me and I was not surprised. His eyesight was bad and he was not wearing his glasses. I remember those dorky spectacles was one of among the myriad of reasons why he got me fall for him years ago. He also had this tunnel vision thing going on blocking everyone out when he is with someone he affectionately likes. I can still remember the time when I was the one who's always on the other side of that tunnel. I felt like I was the most attractive person in the world. His eyes were mine alone.

But I blew it.

As they pass by me, his boyfriend saw me frozen like a statue. I immediately knew he would let him know so before he rat me out, I called his name. Once again, our eyes met. His smile still takes my breath away after all these years. 

He was my first while I was his second. I was 20... immature, inexperienced and extremely playful while he was 25... hot, responsible and a one man guy. He is the type you would introduce to your parents (which I actually did shortly after I came out to my mom).

We had a very strong and beautiful first year. We were madly in love. Amidst our busy schedule (he was a reports analyst for a local bank while I am an account executive for a global one), we always find ways to see each other. But then, by the time the first half of our 2nd year ended, I started to feel lassoed and caged. I was starting to suffocate. And though I understand that his borderline crazy possessiveness was due to his love for me and I knew his fidelity was unquestionably mine, I began to rebel. We had our first major fight but we quickly kissed and made up and everything in the world was alright again.

When he heard me scream his name, he turned back. I was on the other side of the tunnel again. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to kiss him and tell him I’m sorry but he raised his hand in a gesture that what he can offer will not go beyond friendship. I accepted his soft hand but I didn’t want to let his hand go. I collected myself and beamed him a smile. The kind I of smile that tells him “I miss you.” 

He answered by introducing me to his boyfriend.

By the time we entered our third year, our relationship was on the rocks. Our petty fights became serious and rampant. I started to cheat. We started to see less and I played around more. Still, he had complete and utter faith in me and he believed all the lies I feed him. Even now, it still makes me feel guilty for doing it to him. Now, it breaks my heart every time I think of how I did not value his affection. 

I had an affair with a 17 year old twink. It was 2 months old when we called it quits. I answered his heartfelt New Year’s Day greeting with a text message begging him to leave me along with the past year. He tried to win me back even though I was the one who cheated. I did not reciprocate. I was already madly head over heels with my under aged angel then and did not care. I was happy at his expense.

Then one year after we broke up, my heavenly romance with my angel ended. I fell down to earth real hard. Bad karma has caught up on me. Just as he was totally shocked with our break up on New Year’s Day, I was caught unaware when Angel broke up with me on our first year anniversary.

I felt what’s like to be dumped by the person you love so much. I even contemplated on killing myself just to make the pain stop. I suddenly felt what he felt when I threw him away like an unwanted toy. 

I shook his boyfriend’s hands with bitterness and jealousy concealed in a firm grip. I forced a smile before I excuse myself telling both of them I’m late for a shift that won’t even start in 3 hours.

I sat on the bus thinking what might have been. He is the one I let get away.

Over the years, I thought my love for him has faded. But I guess first love really never dies. Part of me will always love him and though I wish I am still the one, another part of me was happy for him. He deserves to be happy and I sincerely wish him all the best.

Wish – that’s all I can do now.

But if the Gods are kind and they gave me another chance, this time, I’ll never let go.

I’ll never let go.