Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dude 500

It took me more than a week before I sent him a message

We briefly met when he dropped by our garage sale. After much haggling and subtle flirting, he bought one of my sneakers I barely used. (click for the story here)

He unapologetically scribbled his number on the five hundred peso bill he paid me which I quickly saved in my mobile phone before I gave the vandalized currency to my sister who was manning the make shift cash register.

He failed to scribble his name so I wittingly named him “Dude 500”.

He looked rather damn good! Though, a couple of inches shorter than me, he was very well built with a decently broad shoulders slightly tapering off down his slim waist. He had short shaved black locks and a fine ass. One that just makes you want to touch and grab it. His eyes, though not my preferred Asian chinito, was still beautiful. And when it was framed by his eyeglasses, he nailed that nerdy hot, boy next door look.

To be honest, I totally forgot about him. It was only by accident that the memory of our swift (and very professional) meet up came back into my mind when I was browse through my phone directory searching for another contact and saw his name.

I really don’t know whether I should send him a message and fulfill my promise or just ignore him, count him as a collateral and delete his number.

My values won and started our conversation on an appreciative note.

“Hi! Thank you for buying my pre-loved shoes last week. I hope you like it =).”

He replied the next day.

Dude 500: Don’t forget that Fridge Magnet you threw in for free.

Silvan: Woah! That was fast!

Dude 500: Look who’s talking.

Silvan: Just kidding.

Dude 500: No worries =). I was busy at work. What’s your excuse?

Silvan: Ditto!

Dude 500: You must be verrrrrrry busy.

Silvan: With the renovation and work? I am… and I am sooooooorry.

Dude: Hahaha! You are funny. I like it. Love the shirt BTW. It fits me perfectly.

Silvan: Nice! Glad to know that some of my things has found the right owner.

Dude 500: I would love to show it to you sometime.

Silvan: I would love to!

We decided to meet up after much compromise and rearrangement of schedules between the both of us.

Three weeks later, a movie and a very smart conversation over a cup of overpaid and overrated coffee, we found ourselves inside the motel room both naked in bed trying to get more comfortable with each other.

He held my hand and looked into my eyes before leaning over and landed his soft lips in my silently hesitant mouth. 

I fell silent and melted away.

After a long session of light Frenching, we began doing it hardcore. I can feel his hard on pressing on my tummy so I slipped my hand down to grab it. I felt a decently size monster lurking down there.

He let out a barely audible moan and smiled at me. The smell of his well tanned body was intoxicating. The fragrance of Clinique Happy mixed with his own natural Jock smell sent me through the roof.

I took over and went on top of him.

I licked his neck paying longer attention on tonguing his Adam's Apple. Each time he swallowed, I felt his Adam's Apple move in his neck. I smelled his skin, inhaling the odor of his manliness. I reached down to rub his cock and felt a wet spot of pre-cum on the tip of his raging hard on. I moved down to his nipples as he started to get into it. He was moaning so loud by the time I choked his boy pole, grin at him and dived down to give him a blowjob he could never forget. The smell of his manhood sent me over the edge and I began sucking on him like I was an animal. I went crazy for his cock.

My cock was rock hard and needed my attention as well. He noticed that my hand reached for my cock and started stroking it while I suck him.

He then stopped me and said, “My turn to suck you.” He stood up and offered his hand urging me to follow him. He then urged me stand up and pushed me against the wall and started playing at my nipples. I quickly went bezerk and answered his muffled moans with my own all the while playing with his hair.

Then the moment he slowly kneeled and put my cock in his mouth, I lost it and my knees gaved in.

He giggled and threw me in the bed. We kissed again before he whispered, "I wanna fuck you hard!” 

I grinned and spread my legs to give him access to my manflower. He aimed his cock at my ass with lustful intentions. He  tore into my guts with his cock as I whimpered and moaned in pleasure. He fucked me well into the night mumbling and moaning dirty talks like how my ass felt so good or how my boycunt is all warm and tight.

I felt his skin. I rubbed his nipples while looking at his face and how lustily enjoying every thrust in me. His smooth flesh, all warm, and muscled made me hungry for him even more.

He was thrusting in and out, feeling my warmth from my inside for what it seems like forever.

Then his phone rang.


And again.

I asked him to stopped for a while and pick it up as it might be an emergency assuring him that my tight boyhole will hungrily wait for him.

He grabbed his phone, looked at the screen and took it in the bathroom advising me not to turn on the TV.

I was never the one to eavesdrop anyone but the silence of the motel room was only broken by some barely audible noise from the bathroom. Though I did not understand what they were talking about, my ear caught words like “Yes Babe”, “I miss you” and “I love you”.

That horny fucker is already in a relationship... and obviously cheating.

Though we agree to meet up with a mindset that it’s just for one night only, I never wanted to play around with someone that already has a partner.  

When he opened that toilet, placed his phone back on the table and went on top of me, all I wanted was for us to get it done and over with.

I tried to get back in the zone to an enormous effort but every time I look at his beautiful face, every time he thrust his manhood, all I can think of is his partner patiently waiting for him.

I’ve been that guy when my ex fucked around on the side and it’s not a good feeling.

I wished I never heard him.

After a while he took me down doggie style and continued pounding my man hole. "AAHHH, OOHHH, Oh fuck, god damn! He moaned.

I buried my face in the pillow occasionally letting out a fake moan until he cummed and he collapsed by my side beyond satisfied.

“Tangina! Sarap mo!” He complemented as he catch his breath.

I flashed a weak smile.  

“There was something different though after my boyfriend called.” He declared without any remorse or guilt.

“Nawala lang siguro sa momentum.” I lied.

He held my hands, laid in my chest and grabbed a quick snooze before he took a shower. We still have a couple of hours on the room so I opted not to leave whilst he would come home to his waiting lover.

Before heading out, he planted a very wet kiss in my lips and proposed “We should do this again sometime.”

“Keep in touch!” I answered.

Alone in the motel, it got me thinking maybe gay men are really designed to fuck around. Like straight men, they are genetically predisposed to spread around their genes. In gay men’s case, spread around their cum.

My phone vibrated. It was a text from him.

“Thanks for a great day! I had a fuckin’ blast. Next time dun tayo sa bahay namin.

I thought of myself and realized. After all the hardships I’ve been through, I’m still that naive and ignorant boy who never grew up and still believe in happily ever after.

“Ask me again when you are single.” I replied