Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I rarely get mad.

But when I do, hell freezes over.

Your foul reputation precedes you. However, I still gave you the benefit of the doubt... you deserve far more less.

I guess that was my first mistake.

On the first and the only time we were introduced to each other, I witnessed your dreadful piece of work. Your deficiency in good manners and your apparent lack of class was so laughable, it was only matched by your desperately tactless attempts to fit in.

And even after all that, you barely made a fart noise.

You were history, the rest of us moved on.

And then this happens.

I tried to understand where you are coming from.

God knows I did.

Why target me? Why target us? What's your motivation behind this? I was fairly nice to you and if my memory serves me right (which it almost always do), we never had an argument that escalated significantly despite of you being obnoxious.

In fact, we never had an argument at all.

I kept you in my social media circle for the longest time because your existence was very negligible and your "user-friendliness", affecting me critically, never crossed my mind.

That was my second mistake.

Don't expect for a third mistake. You have less than a week to justify your actions. After that, get ready asshole cause there will be hell to pay.

And by the time I'm done with you, no amount of high-end make-up can save your sorry, social climbing ass!

You messed with the wrong person, dude!

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