Monday, December 1, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, Part 10

Miguel watched Ash sleep. His boyish, inexperienced face settling comfortably in his chest.

Inside the scruffy hut he had made years ago, the love of his life is sleeping peacefully in his warm embrace. The cold, humid air brought the salty freshness of the sea. The Full Moon shining brightly over the gaps of the dilapidated roof.

Miguel can't sleep. He is too happy and overwhelmed of the recent event.

He would not blink if he can help it. He can hear Ash’s breathing. He can hear his heart beats as it pleasantly settled next to his. 

He wasn’t able to cum. Not that Ash didn’t tried to return the favor.

He did.

But his inexperience kept him gagging and biting his steel hard man pole. In the end, he decided to stop him. He raised Ash’s head into his, looked at his teary eyes and kissed him.

“I’m sorry.” Ash apologized. “I am not good at this.”

“No worries.” He assured him. “We can try that some other time.”

“You haven’t cum yet… I want you to.”

“Having you in my arms right now is the best feeling, babe” Miguel reassuringly smiled.

With that, he hugged him until the sound of the waves lulled Ash to sleep.

But the truth is, he really wanted to cum. He wanted to claim Ash’s virgin flower and fill it with his love juice. However, he can tell that Ash is not ready for that.

At least not yet.

Ash making the effort to give him pleasure was more than enough to bring him to cloud nine.

“Knowing that he loved me too is enough.” He thought.

He studied Ash’s naked body more closely while he was far away from dreaming. His shoulders were slightly broader since he first saw him at the start of the summer. His abs were more tight and taut. His arms were long and strong with biceps and triceps more defined from surfing everyday. His legs were pretty solid too…and a little hairy. He also had a pronounced treasure trail of hair leading from his cute belly button down to his pubic area. 

Even his cock was fairly impressive while flaccid.

Within moments, he started to get an erection again. He needed to be stroked.

He yearned for some release.

But he doesn’t want to wake Ash who’s sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Then as if listening to his heart and mind, Ash moved and turned over giving Miguel more space. After a while, Ash writhed again which freed Miguel's arms.

He kissed him gently on the cheek and ever so slowly, went outside the hut. Naked as a baby, he spread his arms like the naked UP statue savoring the cool air before sitting on his surf board.

He thought of Ash and their first lovemaking a couple of hours ago.

He can still taste Ash’s sweet cum in his mouth. He can still smell him in his body. He felt that familiar twitch in his cock. He looked down at his toned and tanned body of which he was so proud of. His fat, 7-inch dick, aiming up to his body towards his face.

He slowly gripped his raging hard on while thinking of his lover’s naked body. He can still remember clearly in his mind how Ash’s pole move as he breath in and out in sync with his tight abs moving up and down.

He took his hand and touched the tip of his cock slit now all smeared with his precum. His breathing stopped as he gasped from the feeling. His own six packs tightened for an instant. He kept rubbing his now throbbing member and then moved his fingers down his shaft, gripping just under the head all the while thinking of Ash.

He tugged his cock and felt it stir eagerly waiting for his attention. He then moved his hand down and back up. His other hand rubbed the tip of his dick again. Touching the soft head while thinking of Ash felt like nothing he had ever felt.

He used his thumb and two fingers to gently squeezed his mushroom head. Shivering at the sensation, his toes flexed back. There was a small sheen of sweat now covering his naked body. He bit his lip as he continued to tugged and pull his throbbing member.

His now sensitive shaft felt so good as he continued pull up and tug it down again.


And again.

His legs flexed against the surf board, his heels digging into the sand.

Feeling the tingling rise within him, he imagined what it feels like when Ash is ready to give him his tight hole. Choking his hard boy pole, he continued pulling up and tugging down again.


And again.

Then it was all too much. 

He clenched his eyes shut and his toes curled. A small yelp escaped his lips as he was greeted with an explosion of warm cum.

Gush after gush of his man seed squirted from his throbbing pole, pumping a seemingly endless supply of boy jizz into his toned, naked body.

He was almost delirious as he shallowly gasped for air. His mind blank except for the handsome face of Ash.

He laid back on the surfboard and watch the stars slowly vanished one by one to give way to the rising sun.

“I won’t hurt Ash.” He promised to himself. “I would make his first, and our first, time special.”

“I wont enter Ash.”

“I won’t until his ready.”

"Until he say so."

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Saturday, November 22, 2014


If not for Alec and Magnus, I would have stopped at book 3.

The Mortal Instruments is a series of six young adult fantasy novels written by Cassandra Clare, the last of which was published May 27, 2014. The Mortal Instruments is chronologically the third series of a proposed five in The Shadowhunter Chronicles but it was the first one published.

My Tomes of the Cassandra Clare Hexalogy

The book series has become one of the most popular within the young adult genre of paranormal romance/urban fantasy, but Clare did not originally intend to write the series for teens. When she began writing City of Bones, she did not view it as a young adult work, but first and foremost as a fantasy novel. The main characters just happened to be teenagers. However, when she was approached by a publisher interested in aging up her characters, she ultimately decided that she "wanted to tell a story about characters at that crucial life stage just between adolescence and adulthood, where your choices determine the kind of person you're going to be rather than reflecting who you already are." The decision to launch her novels as Young Adult books has propelled Clare to the top of the Bestsellers list and has established The Shadowhunter Chronicles as some of the most popular works read by a largely young adult audience.

Source: Wikipedia
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Day Dream Erotica, Redux

We'd meet somewhere for coffee, maybe a drink. 

I'd notice the need in your eyes as we sat and talked. Your leg would brush against mine every so often, each time lingering a bit longer. Finally, I put my hand below the table and run it over the inside of your leg from the knee to near your warm crotch but not quite high enough to make contact with the bulge there.

Just enough to tease you a bit.

As we leave, I stare at your butt. I can see it flexing as you walk and my cock throbs, anticipating what's to come. 

Once we're inside your house, I come up to you from behind and wrap my arms around your chest, rubbing and caressing your flesh through your shirt. 

Your ass grinds into my crotch as my fingers circle and then lightly pinch your nipples.

Your head falls back against me and our cheeks touch. I lick your ear and you groan deeply as my tongue continues to explore your ear and neck. My hands slowly glide down to your waist and I pull your shirt out of your pants and run my hands up your soft, warm torso. 

We move into the living room and to the couch. I sit down and tell you to take off your shirt and pants but to leave your underwear on for now. I can see a large wet spot on your shorts where your dick is oozing. 

Now, starting with your feet I begin to massage your body. 

Now, I stand and you begin to unbutton my shirt. That done, you fall to your knees in front of me and push your face into my denim covered crotch. I feel your hot breath through the material and I grind against your face, holding your head against me and you nibble and chew at my dick. 

I pull you to your feet and our bare chests come together as we kiss, our tongues swiping at each other, our hands sliding up and down our warm backs. Slowly, you guide me to the bedroom. 

You lie down on your stomach as I shed my jeans.

I rub your arms and massage your hands and you moan and push your ass up against my hard drooling cock. I rise up and turn you onto your back. 

Slowly working my way up the backs of your legs, rubbing and caressing your hot flesh. I pause at the backs of your knees lightly stroking the sensitive flesh there. I bend down and blow warm breath across your flesh as my tongue darts out and licks your skin. 

You groan and hump the sheets as my hands continue higher on your legs and over your sweet tight ass. 

I lift your waist and remove your shorts pulling your hard dick back so it points down and the head sticks out below your balls when you lie back down.

Now, I straddle your ass and begin working on your shoulders and back. You can feel my hard wet dick rubbing against your sweaty crack as my hands continue to massage and relax you. 

You beg me to fuck you. 

Your hard cock snaps up against your stomach as I once again begin to massage your legs. 

My hands near your hot crotch, brushing against your balls as I begin to rub your chest. Our hard cocks rub together, our slime mixing into a wonderful slick mess as I continue to massage your chest, neck and arms.  

Now, I slide forward and you feel my balls on your chin. Your tongue darts out and tastes the ooze at the end of my fat, red knob and I push a couple inches into your mouth. 

But, you don't get long to taste me because I need to keep control.

I begin licking your neck and chest, chewing lightly on each of your hard nipples then continuing lower until your hard dick pokes at my chin. 

I slide my wet tongue across the shaft of your cock and you groan and buck your hips. 

This proves to be too much for you and your dick throbs and fills my mouth with your hot thick cum. I keep my fingers moving in and out of you as your orgasm builds. My mouth is full of your hot juice as I pull off your dick and remove my fingers from your ass. 

But, as my fingers spread your tight ass cheeks I realize you are still way too tight. I wet my middle finger with some spit and a glob of the slippery ooze from your hard dick. 

Slowly, I circle your tight hole with my slippery finger then gently probe and push until you've bucked yourself down to the second knuckle. 

Your tight hole spasms then loosens a bit and I work my finger in and out slowly and gently. As you hump and groan I clamp my wet lips over the end of your dick. 

You push up into my mouth as I slide a second finger into your tight warm hole. 

I push your legs apart and put my lips to your hot pucker. 

You can feel my tongue, wet and slick with your fresh cum as it laps at your ass hole. 

You lift your legs and put your feet on my shoulders as I grab and unwrap a rubber. 

My cock has never been so hard. 

With the rubber in place, I slowly lower myself into you. 

I grunt and groan as my cum continues to spew from my gaping piss slit. I fall on top of you as our lips meet again. Our bodies are slick with sweat and cum. We kissed again as we both drifted off. 

You grimace as my cock head pushes past your tight ring of muscle. I pause and lean down and kiss you as your ass relaxes and begins to suck another inch of my meat into it. Our tongues duel passionately as I slowly push home. 

Your cock is fully erect again as you sleep. I can feel my hard thick cock begin to move in your ass channel.

We fuck.

My cock pushing in deeper; you pushing your ass back and up to meet my thrusts. 

I reach down to stroke your cock in time to my insistent thrusting. 

Your eyes roll back in your head as another orgasm overtakes you and your dick spouts hot cream all over both of us. 

I slam into your spasming hole as I near the point of no return. 

My cock is on fire as your hot ass grips and pulls at it. 

I can't take anymore. 

I pull my throbbing shaft from your ass with a pop, rip off the rubber and stroke the shaft once. 

My dick explodes with cum shooting all over your chest, neck and face. 

Your cock is fully erect again as you sleep.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, part 9

Miguel and Ash paddled to the shore as the sky turns to grey. He led Ash to the small shack he had made last summer. It was old and ruined but sharing it with Ash made it a castle... a castle overlooking their sandy kingdom.

Miguel wrapped his strong arms around Ash’s body and hugged him tightly. He continued to shower him with kisses. “Please don’t be scared again.” He affectionately begged as he held his lover’s face on his strong hand.

“I’m scared because I didn’t want to resist you Migs. I was stubbornly in denial.” Ash whispered as he hugged Miguel again. “I’m not scared anymore.”

Miguel affectionately removed Ash’s clothes and lay him down on the old bamboo bed. Miguel lay on top of him. Their naked body intertwined, they looked in each other’s eyes. 

“Do you really love me?” Ash asked him.

Miguel smiled. He held his hand and kissed it warmly.

“Ash, I know I’m young. We’re young. I may not know a lot of things but this I know.” Miguel answered with certainty.

“Every day I didn’t see you make me miss you so much it hurts.”

“If that is not love, I don’t know what love means.”

Ash's heart was racing from the feelings he had developed for Miguel over the summer. “I feel the same.” He exclaimed. “But since I never been truly in love, I didn’t know what I’m feeling mean.” 

“Then let’s confirm our love together.” Miguel declared before he leaned in and showered Ash with more passionate kisses.

Ash felt Miguel’s hand gently touch his lean waist. Ash stiffened as electricity shot through his body but he dared not to move. Miguel's hand lingered there while his tongue gently tasted Ash’s salty lips. Ash gently parted his lips and allowed Miguel to enter his mouth. Ash’s initiative found his hand travelling down Miguel’s soft, smooth back to his slim waists gently squeezing his lean obliques. 

Miguel’s hand reached for Ash’s palms. He pushed his fingers between Ash’s fingers. He closed his eyes and caught his breath as Miguel moved from his lips down to his neck and then further to his shoulder until Miguel’s tongue found his nipples. 

He felt really good having Miguel’s warm, wet tongue playing his nipples. He doesn’t want anyone in the world other than Miguel to do it. The feeling made his 6 inch cock spring to attention. Miguel felt his love’s massive boner pulsing on his washboard abs making his 7 incher engorged with blood springing for action as well. 

Ash let out a moan as Miguel went even lower making his way from his nipples to his 6-packs and then to his happy trail down to his manhood wrapping his mouth on his hard pole. He had received blow jobs from girls but Miguel’s warm mouth is cooking crazy feelings and sensations he had never felt before. 

Miguel sucked him deep, down his throat as Ash’s soft pubes tickled his nose. He was blowing Ash’s mind.

Ash grabbed Miguel’s head and started forcing him to take it deeper and deeper. He suckled and worked Ash’s pole while playing with his balls. Then, Miguel slowly reached under him and using his middle finger, started probing Ash’s hole.

It was a little uncomfortable for Ash. No one has touched him there and it got him tensed again. Miguel felt it too so he shifted his concentration to Ash’s tight buns. "I guess he is not ready for that yet." He thought.

Soon, Ash relaxed again and was grabbing and pulling Miguel’s hair more and more as he slowly reached his peak. He knew Ash was close. It did not take long before Ash was shooting his load in Miguel’s mouth and down his throat. Miguel's eager mouth accepted Ash’s warm boy juice as he siphoned his boner dry leaving nothing to waste. 

Ash pulled his throbbing cock out of Miguel’s mouth with a pop. He lay naked on his back, his soft chinito eyes beckoning Miguel. 

Miguel lay beside him looking at his satisfied lover. This was the first time Miguel had seen him totally naked. “God! Ash is beautiful” he thought.  He had a soft, newly tanned skin travelling down his lean body and breaking to his pearl like untanned brief area. He was flawless from head to toe. His 6 inch dick was straight and perfect pointing to his cute belly button, a drop of cum resting on the slit as it slowly softens. 

And as Ash’s cum slides down his willing throat, he thought. “This is Ash, the boy I loved, and he wanted me.”

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I was feeling inspired. So I started on my novel.

I knew I have to create an epic backstory to produce an epic novel. One that will last for ages long after my bones crumbles to dust. I just hope I would see the day that my work would be published.

I started from the very beginning. The creation of my universe which I will call the age of Awakening.

This is a work in progress. So please bear with me.


In a time before time, there was nothing. Forever was covered in cold darkness.

In a time before time, there was everything. There was a tiny speck of light in the heart of a black world.

And for more than time can measure, this was so.

And then everything changed.

The speck of light became a small sphere of energy and for more than all lifetimes combined, the sphere of energy grew into a globe. And as it grew, the energy developed consciousness. 

This consciousness grew and separated into two energy.... the warm and cold energy. These were the moments were a god's lifetime is a blink and eternity is but a breathe.

Soon, the conscious energies grew stronger. They become powerful that in one magnificent action, they break free and shattered the womb that sheltered them into a million pieces. The warm energy took shape in a female form and called itself Isnu while the cold energy formed as male and named itself Isva. Their birth marked the beginning of the entire universe and all that we know today.

Isnu and Isva collected the shattered pieces of the energy ball and together, they created the heavens which they called "Kalangitan".


How's that for a start of an epic?

Constructive critiques are most welcome.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, part 8

Summer is about to end.

It’s been two weeks since Miguel received Ash’s parting gift. It’s been 14 days since the last time he stood on a surfboard flying through swells or even touched the waters of his hometown.

He can still recall that day in Cemento Reef when Ash unknowingly cut into his wave knocking him off his board and breaking his board leash. Since then, not a day goes by that they never saw each other. Since then, they’ve gone close. He became Ash's mentor which made the latter a better surfer.

He fell in love with him long before that day though. On Ash’s first night in Baler, he was the one who served his first meal in his province. After that, he secretly watched him practice on baby waves in Sabang Beach every day.

Just like Ash, Miguel was a child of the ocean. He is most happy when he is in the sea. He relishes every moment the waves are under him while he rides the white water to his heart’s content. These past few weeks though, the magic is barely there. He can barely hear the call of his beloved ocean.

He wanted comfort. He needed to be comforted but the ocean selfishly denied him that. 

He wanted to be alone. He mounted his scooter and went to his sanctuary...his secret beach. He brought his surfboard due to a force of habit and because he was hoping that the muses of the sea would once again inspire him there.

He parked his scooter at his usual hiding place. He grabbed his board and climbed over the fence. He walked up the hill and felt that there’s not much wind coming from the ocean. Years of experience tells him that no winds means no wave. He didn’t care though and carried on. He just wants some peace and quiet... some alone time with his ocean.

He took his board and stabbed the sand letting it stand while he sat beside it. He looked at his beach. It was so calm and peaceful. Just behind the trees on the left, he can see the small shack he made years ago. Dilapidated and old, the makeshift house was missing a wall. He looked at the horizon. On the left, is a huge rock formation that was sculptured by time and waves. He scanned the vast water. To the right, he can see piles of rocks that were clearly man made. It was created to make a boundary of the beach property.

He surveyed the waters. Something caught his eye just beyond the pile of rocks...

Or someone.

 He grabbed his board and for the first time in two weeks, jumped into the ocean.

“Watcha doin’?” Miguel as he slowly paddled towards the floating surfer.

“Waiting for the big one.” He said apparently deep in thought.
“The water is too calm today. You’ll be lucky if you even get a burp.”

“Never underestimate the force of nature.” He answered. “You taught me that.”

They sat on their surfboards side by side quietly. For a long time they just watched the calm sea together.

“I’m sorry I ruined your beach Migs.” Ash said breaking the silence between them.

“It’s okay. No worries.” Miguel answered.

“How’s your girlfriend? Anne, right?” Miguel inquired cautiously. He doesn’t want Ash to be upset again.

“I went out with her a bit but we broke up.” Ash replied.

“Because of me?”

Ash did not reply. His eyes were looking far out the sea. It made Miguel feel bad.

“I’ll talk to her then. Miguel offered. “Where is she staying?”

“I broke it off.” Ash finally answered. “Whenever we’re together, All I can think about is the ocean...”

“... and you.”

“I don’t even get excited when I kiss her.” Ash continued. “I could barely sleep; I couldn't stop thinking about you.”

Ash looked at him. Miguel can see through his eyes a sense of longing. The same yearning he had felt for him. Miguel slowly and steadily held Ash’s shaking hand.

And while the sun slowly succumbs to the horizon, they slowly let their lips touch in a passionate kiss.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, part 7

Ash was caught off guard. He did not expect that Miguel would land a kiss on his lips. He instinctively pushed Miguel away knocking him of the ground.

“Migs! What the fuck is that?” Ash shouted.

“I like you Ash!” Miguel answered.

“Don’t get me wrong Migs, You’re a great coach but I don’t do it with guys!” Ash explained.

The incident forced them to cut the day short. The trip back to Sabang was awkwardly silent. It was the longest hour for the both of them. Miguel dropped Ash off in front his hotel. He watched as he dismounted the scooter and went inside the hotel without even looking back.

“I’m sorry Ash.” He whispered to himself before speeding away.

Miguel was disappointed on the way he handled the situation. He did feel a vibe from Ash but he wasn’t exactly sure. For all its worth, he sincerely liked Ash. That’s why he took a chance. Unfortunately, it backfired.

He went to work early to keep his mind of the incident but it didn’t help at all. He would often look at the table outside reminiscing every chance he get  and wishing Ash would be there.

The next morning, Ash did not show up for their daily practice. Miguel already expected it but still he hoped he would be. Miguel sent him a couple of text messages to which, Ash did not reply. After a couple of hours, he decided to go without him.

As he walked to the beach he was surprise to see a guy sitting on the sand. He knew who it was since he only shared this secret place to one person.

“Good Morning, Dude!” He greeted with gusto.

“Oh! Hi Migs!” Ash greeted back.

“Let me introduce Anne. She’s from Sidney but she’s been living in Sabang for almost a year.”

Miguel was shocked! He was so happy to see Ash that he did not realize that he was with someone else.

“Anne, this is Migs.” Ash continued as he introduced Miguel to the Aussie girl.

“Hello Mate!” Anne greeted in her heavy Australian accent. “This place is quite a discovery! I’ve been in Baler for a long time but I’ve never been to this place.”

Miguel tried to hide it but he cannot contain his anger any longer. Ash shared their secret beach to someone else. He was jealous and he snapped.

“The fuck are you doing here!” Miguel screamed furiously at the foreigner. “Go away you slut!”

Ash can see the anger in his eyes. He felt guilty and scared. He broke Miguel’s trust by telling someone about the beach he kept secret even to his closest friends. He was not as frightened as her lady friend though who ran away leaving him at Miguel’s mercy.

“Migs, that’s totally uncalled for.” Ash told Miguel as calm as he can. He doesn’t want Miguel to be any more upset than he already is. He was treading shallow waters by even speaking.

“If you are itchin’ to do it with a cunt, go somewhere else!” Miguel accusingly told him. “You ruined my personal turf.”

Ash was speechless. He waited for Miguel to calm down just enough before speaking again. “This is not just about Anne is it?”

“Are you afraid to be alone with me? Is that it?” Miguel inquired.

“I don’t know what to think anymore Migs.” Ash replied.

“Then why did you come back?”

“Because you are my friend. You’re my surfing buddy.” Ash answered softly. “I’m really glad that we met and because of you I am a better surfer.”

“You brought out the best in me Migs.” He continued.

Miguel suddenly hugged Ash. He wrapped his arms on Ash’s lean body so tight that Ash lost his balance and fell on the sand.

“I love you Ash.” Miguel declared as he lay on top of him. “I tried to fight it and stop it from happening but I can’t.”

Ash lay on the sand frozen. Miguel was on top of him pouring his heart out and he’s not getting closer to understanding what he was feeling. Miguel’s teary eyes looking at him was not helping neither.

“I want you Ash.” Miguel said as he slips his hand under Ash’s shorts.

“Migs, don’t.” Ash protested giving a weak fight.

Miguel ignored Ash’s protest and slipped his hand deeper to his shorts and found his soft cock. Miguel squeezed and massaged it sending shiver to Ash’s body. Soon, the sensation made Ash’s dick throbbed to a huge boner. Miguel kissed Ash’s neck before moving up to his ear while he pulled Ash's hard pole.

Ash’s confused mind told him that this is wrong. But how can something be so wrong when it feels so good?

He is starting to give in. He doesn’t want Miguel to stop anymore. In fact, he was happy that it was Miguel who’s touching his huge member.

Ash soon started to moan.

“You are already wet Ash.” Miguel whispered as Ash’s warm precum leaked into Miguel’s hand.

“I know you want this too.”

Miguel’s last words broke Ash from his trance of pleasure sending him back to the real world.

“No. I don’t want this.” He said panicking. He pushed Miguel away, punched him in the face and hitchhiked back to Sabang leaving Miguel with a bruised cheek and a broken heart.

The next day, Miguel received a present at work. His manager approached him and gave him a brown paper bag whilst his preparing for his shift.

“Someone left this for you.” The manager told him.

“Who gave it?”

“I don’t know.” His manager shrugged. “Didn’t recognize him but there’s a card on the bag.”

Miguel ripped the card away from the bag and read it. There were only two words on the small card.

It says... “Thanks coach.”

Miguel opened the brown paper parcel. Inside was a blue surfboard leash. The same color as his board. Tears rolled down to his eyes as he said to himself...

“Goodbye Ash.”  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

United in White

After a scrumptious dinner and a heavy downing of Merlot’s and Sangria’s, me and my gang had an unexpected detour at Greenfield last Saturday night.

I was aware of the event but I had no plans of going. But destiny paved the way, peer pressure prevailed and I found myself braving the evening downpour to attend the biggest LGBT party of 2014.

Dubbed “Unite in White Manila”, the event was spearheaded by Mentorque Productions and Bed Manila together with the German alcohol giant, J√§germeister in cooperation with various sponsors. Normally, gay pride is observed in June and this event went a little late. Nonetheless, diversity was celebrated at the Portal in Greenfield, Ortigas City.  

Hot representatives of Jagermeister offering free booze. I just wish they were topless.   
Hot hunks giving away free protection (and lubrication) just in case things get steamy.

Music was served hot and fab by DJ’s Ace Ramos, Marc Marasigan, Toy Armada, Jay Santos, Brian Cua, Cal Soesanto, Josh Tiu and Boys Can Trance with stunning performances powerhoused by the Voice Philippines’ Morisette Amon and Radha Cuadrado.

Morisette Amon with the organizers.

We arrived very late (a little past 1 am) but fashionable (as always) as the event was never part of our day’s itinerary. We meet up with some friends and went inside Greenfield’s the Portal.

Thank God I was not a vegetarian for all I see the moment we stepped in was meat, meat and more meat!!! There were also celebrities that united with us in a night of diverse revelry.

Boys always look better with their top off.
and even hotter in trunks.
LGBT champion, John “Sweet” Lapus opened the party with his wacky antics and comedic punchlines.

Sweet opening the party.
Actress Marian Rivera as well as Eugene Domingo received awards and recognitions for their support to the LGBT community. Of course we never saw this part and were only shared to us by some of our party friends who were there to experience it.

Marian Rivera and Eugene Domingo accepting their award for their support to the LGBT community.
The music was fairly good and the booming thumpa thumpa can be heard (and felt) from the back.

My main issue was the air conditioning system. It was awfully warm and I started sweating the moment we stepped in.

We immediately searched for the nearest air conditioner and stayed there for the next 2 and a half hour.

It could have been better too if not for the “high school fair-esque” feel brought by various food stalls who sold their perishable goods inside the event.

I mean, stalls for boozes and contraceptives was very understandable. In fact, it is a requirement. But food stands? People came there to dance and party the night away and not fill their tummy which they will puke anyway by the end of the day.

It made the event look cheap.

The event was better off without it.  

The music could have made me stay longer and brought me to outer space if not for the warm climate that made me sweating like a pig and kept my feet planted firmly to the ground. In the end, we spend partying instead at Bed where the climate was to our liking before calling it a night.

It was pretty ok for a 50.00 Php event. It was a party for the mass and I made my corporate social responsibility. I just hoped next year will be different.  

photos courtesy of BED Manila

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, part 6

Ash woke up more confused than ever. He can barely handle what he was feeling since that fateful day he met Miguel and just when he thought everything is starting to get alright, this happens.

He pulled the sheet off his hotel bed. He unceremoniously put the evidence in the toilet sink and wash the cum stain off before hanging it on the bathroom to dry.

He went outside to think. It was 4 in the morning and his first training with Miguel won’t start until 5. He walk to the dark beach and sat on the dry sand. He always found solace on the sea shore. The salty scent of the sea air, the sound of the sea and the feel of that grainy sand always makes him feel safe while helping him clear his mind.

He watched the sea as the moon shine revealed the white water. His latest dream made him consider a lot of things. Part of him wants to stop his arrangement with Miguel while the surfer in him wanted to see Miguel and learn the ways of the waves.

He lay on the beach and begged for the sea to give him an answer. In a couple of minutes, his personal training with Miguel will start and he has to decide soon.

In the end, he listened to the sea’s call. The calling of the waves is just too much. He reminded himself that it is just a harmless dream and there’s nothing to be scared off. Besides, Miguel was already his friend and he felt comfortable with him like he was the human extension of the ocean.

He arrived at Miguel’s home 30 minutes late. Miguel was standing beside his scooter and already geared up.

“You are late.” He said impatiently.

“I know. I’m sorry.” Ash apologized. “I need to fix some stuff before going here.”

“Whatever. Anyway, did you have breakfast?” Miguel asked a little annoyed on Ash’s lack of punctuality.


“Good! Because we will have a very busy morning.” Miguel announced. “Hop in.”

They started the day as soon as they arrived in their private sanctuary.

“When I said you are a natural, I really meant it.” Miguel sincerely told Ash as they started the day’s lesson. “But we need to work on your basics again plus refine the things you already good at.”

Ash nodded in agreement.

“I can tell you already have built stamina and upper body strength. So let’s maximize that.” Miguel explained. “You will need to work hard Ash. Not just here but also when you are back in Sabang.” He continued.

“We’ll start on the beach first. Show me how to paddle.”  

With that, Ash’s training with his handsome coach began. 

They reworked how Ash paddled. They also practiced duck diving and how to popup properly. They would practice hours after hours on the basics on dry land making it a habit.

No time was wasted. On their way home or during breaks, Miguel would teach Ash surfing manners or they would talk about the pro surfers like Kelly Slater or Michel Bourez. Before dropping Ash off to his hotel, Miguel would give him homework which Ash followed obediently. He pushed Ash to his limits but Ash never complained. He wanted to make his coach proud and trusted him fully. 

In time, Ash respected Miguel as his mentor and coach. He admired Miguel’s dedication in helping him get better at his craft. On the other hand, Miguel respected Ash as a great student and delivered to his promise. Slowly, he did refined Ash’s skills. 

After a couple of days, it was time for Ash to apply what he learned. They paddled out to the sea waiting for a juicy wave to ride on. He patiently waited for the perfect wave while Miguel silently watched him. Then he saw a surge of swirling water forming from the horizon and he knew it. This was his. He forced his legs to turn his board facing the shore.

“Remember, don’t look back. Just feel it.” Miguel reminded his student. “Now paddle!”

Ash was now on his zone. He wanted to show Miguel how much he has accomplished. He quickly got himself to paddling position and paddled his heart out. As the waves approached the shore, they quickly become steeper and steeper until they hit the critical depth. On that critical moment, Ash trusted his instinct and popped-up... and his timing was perfect. With his unorthodox, goofy foot stance, he effectively locked into the wave and is now gliding along just in front of the curl peeling along the breaking part of the wave. On that moment, the rest of the world just seems to disappear.

“I did it Migs!” He shouted looking back as the break water carried him to the shore. 

Ash can hear Miguel cheered. Even from that far, he can feel how proud Miguel was of him. It really made Ash happy. Miguel rode the next wave straight to the shore while Ash excitedly waited for his coach.

“Did you see that?” Ash said barely containing his excitement. “That’s the first time I rode a wave for that long!” 

“And on an angle I might add.” Miguel commented proudly giving him a high five.

“I did it all because of you!” Ash said as he hugged Miguel. “Thanks coach!”

“I’m so proud of you Ash!” Miguel congratulated his student while they were locked in a hug. “You were breathtaking!”

Miguel looked into Ash’s eyes affectionately. Ash looked back ambiguously. Then overwhelmed by the moment and a feeling he can no longer keep, Miguel pressed his lips into Ash’s mouth.  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, Part 5

Ash and Miguel was at the beach early morning. This is the first time Ash truly appreciated Miguel's body. He was slightly taller than he was and built like a Greek God. He picked Ash up and carried him to a make shift shack. He laid him across a bed of coconut leaves and removed his clothes. In no time, he was completely nude.

"You are so beautiful."  Miguel passionately announced before he started licking Ash from head to toe.

Before Ash could react he had his mouth pressed over his. His kisses made Ash's dick rock hard. Miguel was so impressed with the size of his 7 inches of cock just as much as Ash was impressed with Miguel's 7 and a half incher. They got into a sixty-nine position and started to suck each other off. Miguel would go all the way down on him, nice and slow. Ash was trying to keep up but his inexperience often got him choking while sinking his teeth on Miguel's pole. Miguel winced but he never complained. 

The pleasure Ash was receiving from the blow job Miguel was giving him was more than he could stand.

"Slow down Migs, you're going to make me cum."

Miguel quickly stopped sucking, changed his position and started kissing Ash on the lips. Ash kissed back. Miguel told him that he wanted to be with him forever.

"Let’s make love all day long." He declared.

"Sounds good to me." Ash answered. 

"Stay here for a sec. I'll just get something." Miguel commanded as he jumped over Ash and ran to grab something in his bag. When he returned, he had a tube of KY in his hand. He put some on his dick and up Ash's ass.

Taking Miguel’s dick up his ass was the best thing that ever happened to Ash in Baler. Miguel fucked him like a raging bull and he loved every second of it.  Ash wanted Miguel to burst his virgin ass wide open. He told him over and over again to take him and claim him. The more Ash screamed for it, the harder Miguel gave it to him.

"You have the best ass I've ever fucked!' Miguel would say over and over again as he fucked Ash's hot, wet asshole raw.

"I'm getting close Ashee!" Miguel announced.

Ash moaned in approval.

Then he screamed as sweat poured from on Ash's naked body.  His movement became rougher, but Ash didn't care. Soon, Ash felt Miguel's body shake as his hot cum shoot so far up in, he could taste it in his mouth. When he couldn't cum anymore, Miguel collapsed on top of Ash.  

After a while, Ash sat up and looked into the sea. The wind cooled his skin and soothed his mind. 

"What's wrong?"  Miguel asked, sitting up next to him, placing his hand gently on his shoulder.

"Why are you doing this with me?" Ash asked.

"I'm in love with you." Miguel answered sincerely.

"Migs, how could you fall in love so quickly with someone like me?"

"My love for you didn't come quick. I wanted you from the moment I served your food at the restaurant on your first night. I started loving you when I saw you ride."

Ash eyes were full of tears. He didn't know what to say or how to react.

Then he woke up with a massive boner and a cum stained sheet. It was the first time he had wet dreams.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, Part 4

Ash was speechless. For some time, there was an awkward silence in Miguel’s room. He only had assumptions on Miguel’s sexuality until now and it doesn’t bother him at all. 

What bothers him is that for someone who likes women and never been in bed with men, he can’t stop thinking about a guy. He dreams of him every night and it scares him that he might actually enjoy the real thing.

“Uhmmm... Miguel, who is that guy that almost broke my face?” Ash asked carefully.
It took a while before Miguel answered back. “He’s my ex-boyfriend.” He said. “We broke up two years ago.”

“Since then, he was very protective of me.”

"I understand." 

“Sorry about your face.” He apologized sneaking a soft touch on Ash’s bruised jaw.

Ash nodded gloomily.

“Tell you what.” Miguel said on a cheery note. “Let me make it up to you. Let me show you how to ride crazy swells and if we are lucky, I might show you how to go inside a barrel.”

Hearing Miguel’s proposition indeed cheered Ash up. That’s exactly the reason why he went to Baler.

“That would be great!” Ash exclaimed. He felt like Christmas came early this year. 


Miguel look out of the window and watched the sky. “Well, the sun will be setting in a few hours. That’s the golden time to catch crazy waves. How about now?”

Ash hopped on the back of Miguel’s scooter and they ride away from the city for an hour.  From the back, he can smell Miguel’s sweet scent of soap and sea salt. He can feel his lean obliques as he holds on to his side the whole road trip.

They stop at a secluded area along the highway and hid the scooter away from view. They walk for a while, climb up a hill into a heavily fenced beach front with a sign: “PRIVATE PROPERTY. KEEP OUT”

“This is my private turf. I alone know about this place.” Miguel claimed. “Except from the owner of the property of course.” He added as he jumped over the fence urging Ash to do the same.

Ash looked out to the sea and realized why they were there. The swells the ocean produced were the biggest he has personally seen. The waves at this side of Baler (He’s not even sure if he is still in Baler) both excited him and scared him at the same time.

They strip into their wet suit and raced into the ocean. They took turns in riding the waves. Or at least Miguel did. He rode the waves like he owned the beach.  Ash did nothing but paddle, popup and gets a wipe out. By the time the sun sets, they were already exhausted.

They sat in the sand their bodies tired and aching from surfing. They watch as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon.

“I watch you very carefully.” Miguel said breaking the silence. “Your problem is you are overly anxious to ride the swell.”

Ash listened intently on every word he said. Miguel can tell from his eyes how eager Ash is to learn. 

“Before you pull the tail, you gotta stand up so you can feel the wave. Your popup need some work too.”

“I see. Thanks Miguel!” He said taking the bottle of water Miguel is sharing.

“Please, call me Migs.”

“Alright Migs, thanks for the tip!”

The sun vanished into the horizon and the cold breeze has claimed the beach when they decide to call it a day. They were walking back up the hill to where they hid the scooter when Ash opened up.

“I was watching you too you know.” He said. Migs stopped for a moment at the comment. Even with the low, dusk light, Ash was sure Migs mouth twitched into a smile. “You were amazing Migs. You are just flying out there.”

“Well, I did not win the local surfing competition 3 years in a row for nothing.” Miguel exclaimed with pride.

They continued they trek while discussing everything that happened at the beach. Ash was asking most of the question which Miguel happily answered. Ash never ran out of questions. 

They speed through the dark road. The cold bite of the night wind became even chillier. Without realizing it, he had wrapped his arm around Miguel’s waist. He won’t admit it but the warmth of Miguel’s back felt nice. Miguel felt good being held by Ash too. He wanted the feeling to last forever, but soon they were in Sabang in front of Ash’s hotel.

“Thanks Migs. I had fun and learned a lot at the same time.” Ash said as he hopped off the scooter. “I really want to be as good as you. Would you teach me?”

 “You don’t care that i’m gay?”

“Should I?”

“We can’t do it here though.” He said. “You’re already too good for the waves here.”

Ash appreciated Miguel’s confidence in him. It made him proud of the things he accomplished in such a short time.

“Can you train me again there at your secret turf?” Ash suggested. “I don’t want to go back to Cemento Reef yet.”

“I mean they already think of me as a stupid poser there.” He continued.

“I understand. Meet me at my place every 5am.” Miguel instructed. “We’ll go to my sanctuary together. We’ll start tomorrow”

Ash agreed.

“And from now on, you call me coach.” Miguel grinned as he dropped his helmet visor and drove away.

Ash slept early that night. Since he and Miguel left Miguel’s secret beach, Ash realized one thing. Gay or not, Miguel is awesome and when he is with him, he is happy. That night he dreamt of Miguel again. Only this time it did not end with them kissing on the beach.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

City of Heavenly Fire

Nephilims across the world unite!!!

In the long-awaited conclusion to the acclaimed Mortal Instruments series, Clary and her friends fight the greatest evil they have ever faced: Clary's own brother.

Sebastian Morgenstern is on the move, systematically turning Shadowhunter against Shadowhunter. Bearing the Dark Cup, he transforms Shadowhunters into creatures out of nightmare, tearing apart families and lovers as the ranks of his Endarkened army swell.

The embattled Shadowhunters withdraw to Idris—but not even the famed demon towers of Alicante can keep Sebastian at bay. And with the Nephilim trapped in Idris, who will guard the world against demons?

When one of the greatest betrayals the Nephilim have ever known is revealed, Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Simon, and Alec must flee — even if their journey takes them deep into the demon realms, where no Shadowhunter has set foot before, and from which no human being has ever returned . . .

Love will be sacrificed and lives lost in the terrible battle for the fate of the world in the thrilling final installment of the classic urban fantasy series The Mortal Instruments!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, Part 3

Ash woke up with a painful jaw and a throbbing head. It’s obvious that he’s no longer on the beach. He quickly sat up and inspected the surrounding. It was clearly not his hotel room and he was clearly not on his hotel bed.

He was clearly not wearing anything. 

He looked at the side table and saw 2 ice-cold can of coke sweating from the heat. The digital alarm clock behind it says 3:46 PM. He is starting to panic when the door suddenly opened revealing a hot guy in his underwear towelling his hair dry.  

It was Miguel.

Ash defensively stands up quickly wrapping the sheets around his waist. 

“Oh good! You’re awake! Listen...”

“Where am I? Why am I naked?” Ash interrupted as he moves back away from the almost naked Miguel slowly walking towards him. 

Miguel stopped and raised his hands. He can sense Ash’s fear, confusion and panic. “Chill dude! You are in my room and I had your clothes hanged outside to dry.”

Ash sat on the side of the bed while Miguel took a can of coke, opened it and gave it to him.

“Don’t worry. I have seen the merchandise. You have nothing to be ashamed of.” Miguel continued as he sat beside him downing the contents of the other can.

Ash blushed.

“Relax Ash! I’m teasing! I don’t want you to sleep out that asshole’s punch on your wetsuit.” 

He can feel Miguel’s sincerity but he can’t understand why he is concerned. Either way, his apparent care for his well being chipped some of his anxiety a bit that he was able to manage a smile.

“Yeah! He is an asshole!” Ash cheered as he places the cold can on his sore jaw. 

“Hey!” Miguel protested.

“Well, you said it first!” 

“Only I can call him asshole!”

“Suit yourself”

“But seriously Ash, What the hell are you doing in Cemento Reef? You’re a virgin for crying out loud!”

“I’m not a virgin!” It was Ash’s time to protest.

“I meant surfing virgin.”

Ash took another sip.  He felt stupid and embarrassed but Miguel earned the right to know.

“I thought I could handle bigger waves already. I mean, I practice so hard and I was getting better every day in Sabang.”

“I know how hard you practice and I can tell you are a natural but learning from those money mongers who wants your cash more than teach you is not enough to take the swells in Cemento.” Miguel’s eyes are full of concern. It’s as if he will be devastated if something happen to him. It made Ash feel more confused.

“You could have died there you know.”

“Wait... how did you know I’m a natural? I got wiped out in Cemento.” Ash wondered looking at Miguel demanding some answers.

Miguel took a deep breath and answered. “I watch you practice every day.”

(to be continued...)