Friday, August 8, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Leash, part 9

Miguel and Ash paddled to the shore as the sky turns to grey. He led Ash to the small shack he had made last summer. It was old and ruined but sharing it with Ash made it a castle... a castle overlooking their sandy kingdom.

Miguel wrapped his strong arms around Ash’s body and hugged him tightly. He continued to shower him with kisses. “Please don’t be scared again.” He affectionately begged as he held his lover’s face on his strong hand.

“I’m scared because I didn’t want to resist you Migs. I was stubbornly in denial.” Ash whispered as he hugged Miguel again. “I’m not scared anymore.”

Miguel affectionately removed Ash’s clothes and lay him down on the old bamboo bed. Miguel lay on top of him. Their naked body intertwined, they looked in each other’s eyes. 

“Do you really love me?” Ash asked him.

Miguel smiled. He held his hand and kissed it warmly.

“Ash, I know I’m young. We’re young. I may not know a lot of things but this I know.” Miguel answered with certainty.

“Every day I didn’t see you make me miss you so much it hurts.”

“If that is not love, I don’t know what love means.”

Ash's heart was racing from the feelings he had developed for Miguel over the summer. “I feel the same.” He exclaimed. “But since I never been truly in love, I didn’t know what I’m feeling mean.” 

“Then let’s confirm our love together.” Miguel declared before he leaned in and showered Ash with more passionate kisses.

Ash felt Miguel’s hand gently touch his lean waist. Ash stiffened as electricity shot through his body but he dared not to move. Miguel's hand lingered there while his tongue gently tasted Ash’s salty lips. Ash gently parted his lips and allowed Miguel to enter his mouth. Ash’s initiative found his hand travelling down Miguel’s soft, smooth back to his slim waists gently squeezing his lean obliques. 

Miguel’s hand reached for Ash’s palms. He pushed his fingers between Ash’s fingers. He closed his eyes and caught his breath as Miguel moved from his lips down to his neck and then further to his shoulder until Miguel’s tongue found his nipples. 

He felt really good having Miguel’s warm, wet tongue playing his nipples. He doesn’t want anyone in the world other than Miguel to do it. The feeling made his 6 inch cock spring to attention. Miguel felt his love’s massive boner pulsing on his washboard abs making his 7 incher engorged with blood springing for action as well. 

Ash let out a moan as Miguel went even lower making his way from his nipples to his 6-packs and then to his happy trail down to his manhood wrapping his mouth on his hard pole. He had received blow jobs from girls but Miguel’s warm mouth is cooking crazy feelings and sensations he had never felt before. 

Miguel sucked him deep, down his throat as Ash’s soft pubes tickled his nose. He was blowing Ash’s mind.

Ash grabbed Miguel’s head and started forcing him to take it deeper and deeper. He suckled and worked Ash’s pole while playing with his balls. Then, Miguel slowly reached under him and using his middle finger, started probing Ash’s hole.

It was a little uncomfortable for Ash. No one has touched him there and it got him tensed again. Miguel felt it too so he shifted his concentration to Ash’s tight buns. "I guess he is not ready for that yet." He thought.

Soon, Ash relaxed again and was grabbing and pulling Miguel’s hair more and more as he slowly reached his peak. He knew Ash was close. It did not take long before Ash was shooting his load in Miguel’s mouth and down his throat. Miguel's eager mouth accepted Ash’s warm boy juice as he siphoned his boner dry leaving nothing to waste. 

Ash pulled his throbbing cock out of Miguel’s mouth with a pop. He lay naked on his back, his soft chinito eyes beckoning Miguel. 

Miguel lay beside him looking at his satisfied lover. This was the first time Miguel had seen him totally naked. “God! Ash is beautiful” he thought.  He had a soft, newly tanned skin travelling down his lean body and breaking to his pearl like untanned brief area. He was flawless from head to toe. His 6 inch dick was straight and perfect pointing to his cute belly button, a drop of cum resting on the slit as it slowly softens. 

And as Ash’s cum slides down his willing throat, he thought. “This is Ash, the boy I loved, and he wanted me.”

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