Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Angel: The Blow

My angel was a quick learner. I slipped my tongue back in his mouth as we taste each other picking up the pace a little. 

This time, ang sarap na ng mga hagod at halik niya. May mga moments pa rin naman na bigla siyang manggi-gigil but those were easily remedied with a gentle tap reminding him to slow down. 

My hands travelled down to his semi-flabby waist again lovingly squeezing his love handles. I slipped down a little further into his groin and inside his underwear. 
All this time, I have felt him rub his dick but I have never touched his manhood. I tried pulling over his briefs to uncover his dick but I was met with his hand preventing access to his hard pole.

 “Nahihiya siguro.” I thought. So I reached on the other side, put my hands in and squeezed his tight, smooth buns instead. 

After a while, I tried pulling his briefs again. I was met with another refusal. I look at him showing him that it’s okay.

“Nahihiya ako eh.”  He said before he changed the topic. “Ako naman.” He grinned. 

"Higa ka," He whispered in my ears. I obliged.  I let him go on top of me sitting on my groin with my hard cock precisely planted between his ass. 

He closed his mouth over mine again then too my cheek and worked his way to my ear. I gasp as he kissed my neck down to my nipples.  His hot breath caused my nipple to stand straight up. He wrapped his mouth around it and gently bit it apparently following my example. He used his tongue lathering back and forth while his other hand turned its attention to my other nipple playfully flicking it.


I moan uncontrollably as he went down and kissed my abs and stick his wet warm tongue in my belly button. He grinned as he grabbed my boxer’s waistband and pulled them down. Nakawala ang nagngangalit kong tubo.  

My cock sprang hard pointing in his face, my dick still leaking precum. He grabbed the base of my hard pole and licked around the head of my cock. I threw my head back and cried out as his tongue bathed my shaft. I watch him as he licked my dick slowly moving up and down sending me deeper into ecstasy.

I gasped as he went back to licking the head of my cock teasing it with his tongue. Then he slowly wrapped his lips around the head and gagged his way down. 

He had a hard time. He gagged every time he tried to get it all the way in but he kept his mouth working. I watched him blow me teary eyed but he didn’t stop.  I grabbed the back of Pao’s head and ran my hands through his hair showing him my appreciation.

I actually had a hard time too. His teeth were constantly colliding with my shaft. I almost screamed when he almost bit my cock off. 

But I didn’t stop him. Looking at Pao, my virgin angel, playing at my pole and trying his best to give me his first blow, I don’t have the heart to say anything. I kept my mouth shut until he had almost skinned my dick and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I asked him to stop.  

“My turn.” I said grabbing his briefs again. 

And for the third time I was met with another resistance.  I let him lay down as I took the driver’s seat again.

 “Di ka ba tuli?” I wondered.

I had my share of uncircumcised fuck buddies and for one, it turns me on. 

“Okay lang yan. Kakaturn-on kaya yun.”

“Hindi yun. Tuli ako.” He answered. I didn’t think he would get any redder.

“Yun pala eh. Okay lang yan...” I said slowly pulling his briefs down. “Trust me.”

Then little by little, he gave in letting me slipped his underwear and kicked it off. 

“Kaya pala.” I thought.

His dick was barely 3 inches hard. 

I looked at him and smiled sincerely.

I grabbed his dick and started slowly stroking it. He was tense again. Assuming that he might still be conscious of his small manhood, I leaned in and gave him a soft peck in the neck. 

“Okay lang yan....” I whispered encouraging him to relax. “Sarap mo nga eh.” 

With that encouragement, he relaxed.

I planted a warm, wet kiss on his throbbing member.  Then I licked his balls.  He gasped as he spread his legs and raised his hips.  

“Oh fuck! Sarap Silvan.” He moaned.

Then I put his dick in my mouth and sucked him for all his worth.

Unfortunately, it was worth a minute.

The moment I wrapped my mouth in his cock, he screamed my name in pure pleasure then the next, I can feel his dick pulsing and then...

“Ohhhhh shit! Tangina!” He shouted grabbing my head and burying my face in his groin.

I was caught off guard. He shoots. I have no choice but to let him release his warm boy juice in my mouth. I can taste his cum as globs after globs of his manhood filled my mouth. 

Mapait na matamis.

Eh andun na eh so I continued sucking him my tongue moving around, maximizing the pleasure I can give him until his head was too sensitive that he can’t take it anymore. 

“Sorry! Sorry!” He apologized. 

I raised my thumb quickly showing him thatvit’s okay before I ran into the toilet spitting his cum out and washed my mouth with the bottled water we bought before we checked in. 

The moment he saw me out of the toilet, he quickly stood up shaking as I offered my hand for support. 

Then after washing, he went back to the bed and I lay down beside me smiling.

“Sorry talaga. Di ko napigilan.” He said as he grabbed my naked hips pinching a little. “Mabilis talaga akong labasan...”

“Pansin ko nga.” I teased.

“Sorry talaga Sylvan... sobrang sarap kasi.” Then he kissed me again passionately na parang naglalambing.

Ang cute niya lang habang humihingi ng paumanhin. Imbis na mainis ako dahil maliit na nga titi niya tapos walang kaabog-abog, nagpaputok pa sa bibig ko. Natuwa lang ako sa kanya lalo.

“Okay lang yun. Wag ka nang magsorry” I said. “First time mo ma BJ?”

“Hindi naman. Na-BJ na ako ng ex ko pero di kasing sarap nung ginawa mo.”


“Hindi nga! Unang subo mo palang nasarapan na ako. Sa mga ex ko kasi masakit kinakagat nila yung titi ko.” He explained.  

I was loving every moment of our conversation. It was lewd. It was sexual. By God! It was disgusting. 

But I can see in his eyes the sincerity. 

Di ako makasagot sa huling comment niya. I was speechless. I just nodded.

“Di ka magpapalabas?”

“Mamaya na.” I said. “You owe me.”

“Sige. Bawi ako” He replied with his angelic smile.

“Sinabi mo yan ha.” I replied with a devilish grin.

Touchy ako. I enjoy cuddling and kissing a lot and in some instances, even more than sex.  Sex is just the icing on the cake provided that I really, really like the guy. Otherwise, it will just be another one-night stand. Just another “Fuck and go.”

I really, really like this guy.

Hindi siya balingkinitan pero gusto kong hinahawakan ang waist niya. Like I said, it is my fetish. We stayed like that for a while. Then he slumped over my chest and we both fall asleep.