Saturday, December 24, 2011





Heypi Berthdey! To yey!

One year old ka na Hachiko! I hope I have a blue fairy para ma wish ko na maging totoong husky ka na.

And of course Happy Birthday to you to Baby Jesus.

It's safe to say that you read blogs up there. So here is my Christmas wish taken from the book that inspired the world to celebrate your greatness everyday.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.
- Ephesians 4:31

Sunday, December 18, 2011


It was 4:45 AM.

I stepped outside into the chilly night air for my final 15 minute break. I fingered the zipper of my jacket and zipped myself up to the collar to keep the coldness off the back of my neck. 

Christmas is indeed just around the corner and knowing how crazy we Filipinos are in this season, myriads of Christmas decors covered the whole metro. From where I was standing, I can see a very Filipino, colourful and twinkling "parol" on the lamp post at the corner of a street twenty-five feet away.

I lit up a cigarette. I inhaled the smoke deeply and held it briefly and released it. I watch as the fume rise and thin out into oblivion. I’m fairly new in the smoking business... a month old to be exact. 

I sucked in another warm drag of smoke, tilted my head back, and offered the incense to the gods of the night. I looked into the blackness of the cloudless heavens and beheld the icy brilliance of millions of stars, usually not seen in a more polluted sky. I closed my eyes and drifted that I didn't even realize that a car had stopped in front of me.

The window rolled down and he smiled. "Trip?" I can't get the vision of his beautiful eyes, his charming smile, out of my head even now.

I nodded. 

He smiled again and unlocked the door on the passenger's side and speed away as soon as I closed the door. “We have to do this real quick cause I have to be at some place by 7:00.” He declared in a perfect neutrally accented American English.

15 minutes later we’re driving in a motel somewhere in Pasig.

Upon arriving, and waiting to be shown to our room I examined the guy who picked me up. He looked like a man in his late thirties or early forties. He was wearing eyeglasses (one of my turn on). He had the perfect skin tone. He had a deep set eyes and a perfect set of lips to die for. Based on how well he filled his shirt (not to mention his pants) I can tell that he religiously works out. There’s the slightest evidence of receding hairline but who cares? With his inherent hotness, that kind of genetic monstrosity is very forgivable.!  

We went inside the room and sat at the foot of the bed. 

He glanced at me; I at him. Something stirred in my chest (and my crotch) and before I knew it, we are already kissing each other. He was a great kisser, very gentle and yet rough around the edges. I unbuttoned his shirt while he tried to remove mine. We kissed for what seemed like forever.

“Are you top or bottom?” He asked as he removes his shoes. 

“Versa” I replied as I remove mine.

“You’re a bottom. Great!” He said as he stood up in front of me revealing his six packs. “I gotta warn you. I’m a rough fucker!”

“I like it rough... but not without a condom.” 

“Even hotter, now suck!” He commanded as he unzipped his pants exposing his white underwear already wet with precum. I got rid of it too and boy was I surprised!

He had a very beautiful dick... uncut dick. I run my hand up and down his shaft. It was around 6 or 7 inches long and a mouthful wide.

I sucked him fiercely. He moaned as I sucked on it harder. That set him off. He fucked my mouth hard and rough till I gagged. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was a rough fucker.

He then pulled away and pushed me on the bed. He lay me down and didn’t waste time unbuckling me. He turned me over as soon as he got my pants off and hovered above me for a while. He then spread my cheeks and pushed his cock into my ass. I gripped on to the blankets and pillows as he pushed in deeper, inch by inch until he was in.

And then he started the assault on my ass. He fucked me with no mercy almost ripping my ass walls out. It was painful and deliciously mind blowing at the same time. I push in and out, making my own rhythm. He sighed close to my ear, and then let out a moan. “Yes,” He whispered. He wanted it. 

He raised my ass into a doggie position and bent over. “You want me to stop? Just say the word”. I didn’t make a sound and then he pounded harder. Now it’s my time to moan. I started to match his thrusts. The moan of ecstasy became a duet as he reached down and caresses my hard cock until I cummed. Not soon after, he digs his nails into my back and pushed in hard until finally, he released his hot man juice. 

He drove me back to my office building but I knew we'll never meet again.

I took my cigarette pack in my back pocket and lighted another stick. The noise of silence assaulted my inner-ears, there on the front steps in the cold morning air. I was hearing my own heartbeat, my own pulse. I took another drag and then extinguished the burning tobacco.

Which I decided to be my last.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How "X-Men: First Class" should've Ended

“Today our fighting stops!” shouted Erik as he exited the land trapped submarine. He floated over the beach, parading the dead body of Hell’s Club leader Aidan Shaw. “Take off your blinders my brothers and sisters. The real enemy is out there.”

Charles couldn’t believe what Erik did inside the submarine. He can still feel the pain as the Nazi coin went in and out of Shaw’s head magnetically controlled by Erik. He tried to stop his best friend and companion however, he is now wearing the helmet Shaw invented to stop mind readers from entering his mind.

“I can feel their guns moving in the water their metal targeting us. Americans, Soviets, humans united in their fear of the unknown. They are running scared my fellow mutants!!!” Eric continued now walking towards Charles. “Go ahead Charles. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Charles probed into the consciousness of all the military ships floating in the salty waters in front of them praying and hoping that what Erik has just said was a lie. American agent, Moira MacTaggert watched in horror as he saw the confirmation in Charles eyes along with creaking of the ship’s heavy artillery, their cannons pointing at the shore in unison.

In a final attempt to stop the bombardment of the island, MacTaggert attempted desperately to contact the Americans but it’s too late. The order has been given.  

Fearing the mutants, both American and Russian fleets fired at the island. Mutants, from both sides, gazed in terror as the blue sky was blocked by missiles of all shapes and sizes all aimed to destroy them.

But just before the missile reached the bay, Eric raised his hands and stopped all the missiles in mid air. American and Soviet soldiers gazed in disbelief as all of their missiles failed to destroy the mutants. And now, with a turn of a hand, Lensherr changed the course of the rockets.

Charles knew what his bestfriend intends to do even without reading his mind.

“Erik, you said yourself we are the better men... this is the time to prove it” Charles reminded Erik. “There are thousands of men on those ships. They are honest, innocent men. They are just following orders.”

“I’ve been in the mercy of men who are just following orders...” Erik answered. “…never again.”

With that, Erik sent the missiles back to where it came from. In a desperate move, Charles tried to break Erik’s concentration by physically overpowering him. “Erik, stop!”

In the struggle, Xavier momentarily stopped Erik from destroying the fleets but it did not held up long enough. Erik regained power over the missiles.

Wanting to help, Moira pointed the gun and fires at Erik. Erik cunningly deflected the bullets using his control over metal however, one repelled shell unexpectedly hits Charles in the spine.

Erik watch in horror as Charles screamed in pain holding his lower back where the stray bullet had hit him. Charles dropped like a dead weight in the sand. Erick ran at his bestfriend’s side and using his gift, pulled the bullet out of Charles’ spine.

More concerned on his bestfriend’s current situation, Erik losses control over the missiles saving both the American and Russian fleet. The men on the ships rejoiced as they watch the missiles exploded in the sky or blow up at the open sea.

“I’m so sorry!” Erik said as he held Charles in his arms.

"You, you did this.” Erik accused Moira as he tighten the metal necklace around her neck.

On the arms of his bestfriend and with tears in his eyes, Charles raised his hand and gently touched his bestfriend’s face. “She did not do this Erik, you did.”

“I tried to warn you Charles!” Erik exclaimed with tears falling from his eyes.

“I want you by my side. I love you. We are more than best friends you and I. I know you can feel it too. Both of us, together… protecting each other and them. We want the same thing.” Erik pronounced. “Stay with me Charles. I love you!”
With that said, Erik passionately kissed Charles.

“I love you too Erik!!! But we do not want the same thing.”

Erik, remorseful and heartbroken, leaves with Mystique, Angel, Riptide and Azazel.

A wheelchair-bound Charles Xavier and the mutants return to the mansion, where he intends to open a school. Moira MacTaggert promises to never reveal his location and as they kiss, Xavier wiped out her memory of recent events; at the CIA later, she says she has no clear memory of recent events.

Meanwhile, in a high security facility, a band of mutants, lead by Erik Lensher breaks Emma Frost from confinement.