Sunday, April 5, 2015

Unholy thoughts during Holy Week

I first saw him on the bus walking down the aisle towards me in slow motion, picking the seat right in front of me. I observed with perverse delight, the way his hair fell in half-curls, the lone tiny mole garnishing the back of his neck and the way his muscles changed shape as he turned towards the window.

Now, I see again that erotic masterpiece walking towards me on the beach with his athletic swagger.

He stops near me and divests himself of his clothes. As he bends over to drop his watch on the towel, I take in his glutes hugged by the lycra in his trunks. As he walks away towards the water, the alternating squeeze and relax motion mesmerizes me. I try not to blink, intent on catching every nano-second of the action.

His toes curl as the first wave washes over his feet. I feel a tingling within. He wades in further. The waves lap eagerly at his calves, licking their sinewy contours. He wades in deeper. The water swirls around his thighs, taming the curly black hair, that now cling fast to them.

He takes another step. The tingling within me intensifies as I watch the water graze his groin. The absorbent fibres of his trunks hungrily devours the moisture and the wetness spreads upwards transforming the trunk into a filmy sheath heightening the excitement factor of the taunt flesh within.

I hear a splash and see him disappear beneath the water's surface only to re-surface again. My mind goes into action framing his powerful shoulders as they break through the surface. His muscles gleaming in the dusk sunlight.

He plows the waves as his powerful legs propel him through the water. 

And as he becomes a distant blur, I'm left with un-holy thoughts of me and him.

Undressing and licking and teasing and whispering. Two bodies, fitting like Legos together and screaming in a tangle of sex.

photo here