Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Prince and the Poppers

I was standing in Stuart's bedroom with my jeans around my ankles. His hands gripped my bubble butt as his mouth worked on my helmet. I shrugged off my shirt. Stuart stood up to clasp me to his body, and this time I pushed my naked hardness against him. I reached for his cock as we played tongue catch. 

My questing hand explored his hard rod through his briefs. I gently rubbed him while I stepped out my shoes and kicked away my jeans. Now, I was naked and squirming gently against him as we tongue kissed again. My hand was inside his pants feeling his warm hard rod. Slipping lower I held his smooth balls, then returned to stroke and fondle his cock some more.

He pushed me in the bed and watched Stuart strip off his underwear. He joined me in the bed for a full frontal naked cuddle, our hard cocks rubbing against each other. He bent his head and suckled on my nipple and soon we were fondling each other's cock and balls, slow wanking each other and french kissing.  

We sixty-nined. I got his eager cock in my mouth and after rolling my tongue round the head, sucked him slow and deep. Stuart's hands were on my butt cheeks pulling my cock into his mouth while his fingers explored my crack. I shifted my leg to open the way for his hands and soon his finger ran over my boy hole. Liking what it found it circled the ring. 

My ass cheeks tingled and I clenched moaning happily. My body was calling as I rubbed my face in his pubes and licked his cock and balls.

I could hear him fumbling in a drawer as I sucked him, my head in his lap. He took a long sniff then said "Try this" and offered me the a small brown bottle. As I sat up and accepted the offer, Stuart grabbed the lube and condoms. After a long breath on both of my nasal opening, Stuart kissed me as he lay me down then straddled my face to go down on my hard hot rod and naked balls again. 

The popper's rush began almost instantly and I felt overwhelmed. My libido was shooting up as he rubbed his genitals into my face. Soon, I turned into a horny, slavering demon, eagerly slurping and licking and sucking at Stuart as he fingered my ring once more with a well lubed finger.  

I was lost in a musky passion where my whole world was cock and balls and my longing to be filled. I opened willingly to the probing of his stiff finger as he slipped into my mancunt. I moaned happily as his finger went slipping in and out of my tight hole while I greedily suckled on his cock through the rush.

"I want you to fuck me" I whispered. 

"Of course I'm going to fuck you," he replied. 

In answer, I turned around so I was laying in bed... my legs outside his. He wrapped his hands around both our cocks and rubbed them together. His cock was quite big in comparison to my own.

He offered the bottle again urging me to take another whiff as he grabbed a condom and carefully unrolled it over his prick. I become light headed as he smothered his sheathed cock with lube. I raised my legs pulling Stuart on top of me, then he was kneeling between my thighs, my legs over his shoulders, my ass raised on a couple of pillows, and his cock standing stiffly ready to enter my offered ring. 

He sniffed on his poppers and held the bottle for me again. As I inhaled, I felt a cold shock on my love hole as Stuart applied a generous amount of lube. The poppers rush started just as he was pushing into me. I was riding a storm of sensation and pleasure as he thrust in and out of me. I was clenching on him as he pushed in pulled out. My boy flower relaxed and yielded as he pushed back into me. 

He gasped and steadied into the rhythm of my milking muscle control, then gradually increased the pace until I couldn't keep up. I lay opened up to him and helpless in my ecstasy as he pleasured himself thrusting into me. I was being fucked at last.

I was playing my cock as Stuart fucked me to the verge of cumming. He kept me hanging on, eased off his climax, and found the poppers again. We both inhaled deeply then he was driving even harder into me than before while I was opened up more than ever. Stuart was bringing himself off in me, a look of intense concentration on his face. 

I was keeping pace with him this time, bringing myself to orgasm in sync with him. Then I was so horny, I knew I would soon cum from Stuart's ass fucking alone. Our swollen cocks at last released their load, mine spurting cum over my chest while him thrust hard up my ass, released deep inside me.

He kissed me tenderly on the lips then carefully pulled out and wrapped the filled condom in a tissue. As we embraced our soft and tender cocks rubbed wetly together. I turned on my side and he cuddled me from behind, his soft genitals pressing warmly against my fleshy ass cheeks. His hand cupped my balls and cock and he kissed me in my neck as he gently massaged my balls, stirring my cock back into life. As it stiffened in his hand, Stuart started gently pushing himself against my ass cheeks. 

Soon I could feel his hard rod sliding up and down my well lubricated crack as he slowly wanked me. I lifted my leg and draped it back over him, then reached down under my balls and caught his rod in my hand, putting another condom and steering the head towards my boy cunt. Stuart pushed in an inch or so, then pulled out again, slow wanking me all the time.

I was pushing back against him, wanting him deep in me again.  He drilled his cock deep in my ass again then whispered in my ear. 

"You need a good deep fucking, and that's what you're going to get."  

I stiffened even more and tightened my ring on his cock at his words.

"How do you want me?" I asked submissively.  He pulled out of me and arranged me face down with my legs drawn up under me and my ass high in the air in a dramatic pose of willing surrender.

As he knelt behind me I inhaled a large draft of poppers again and passed the bottle back over my shoulder to him.  When he had finished with it, he passed it to me and I took another deep toke before replacing the bottle on his bedside table. My face burried on the pillows, my ass raised and inviting intrusion I waited for Stuart to take me doggie style. 

Then he was in me, hands gripping my hips, pushing up my boyflower further and harder than before. I was pure bliss and wild ecstasy as Stuart’s cock drove in and out of me. I lost the reality. I reveled in Stuart's selfish use of my body as he pounded into me in a vigorous sprint to orgasm.

As he stiffened, he pulled my hips hard to him, thrusting deep into me, emptying himself the second time. 

He crumpled on top of me, his softening cock still nestling in the relaxed muscles of my warm and swollen hole, his weight pressing my hard cock firm against the mattress.  

I felt warm and complete. He stirred himself and carefully holding the condom on his softened cock, slipped out of me. We cuddled, his soft wet cock rubbing against my hot hardness as our hands explored each other. Soon I was slow wanking my straining rod as he kissed my lips. 

I never felt so open, so given, so surrendered in my longing as I was in this sea of pleasure. Then Stuart's mouth was on my cock and I was captive in incredible pleasure. I felt my orgasm building even as I found more of myself to surrender to the sensations flowing through me. 

Under Stuart's warm and skilled attention my loins felt opened like a flower and soon my spunk was flooding out of me, into his mouth.

He lay on top of me and we kissed, my mouth opening to receive my own cum as our tongues wrestled in the salty fluid, our soft and tender cocks rubbing together. Drifting into sleep, we turned on our sides, and I lay cuddled by him, his soft warm cock nestling in my bubble butt. He dozed off first sleeping soundly before me. As I drifted off I put Stuart’s hand around my cock. 
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