Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Short Unfortunate Fairy Tale

Somewhere in the city, a beautiful baby is playing and for the first time, the infant laughed.

And as the baby's first laugh echoed in Neverland, in Pixie Hollow, the tiny, magical creatures celebrated as a new fairy is born.

Across the city, Silvan is working for 12 straight hours. Grumpy and pissed, he is not amused by some of his co-worker's incompetence.

Minutes after, he found his self in the parking lot and in his dark attempt to vent out, he lighted a stick, inhaled the nicotine laden vapor and took his anger out on something else.

"I do not believe in fairies." He shouted.

Unknown to him, the wind took his fatal curse and carried it to the land were people never grow old and thus, the fairies watch in horror as one of their unfortunate kin is helplessly smitten by an invisible hand unmercifully squeezing the life out of the poor unsuspecting creature.

The End.

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