Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Legend of the Blue Leash, Final

The first rays of the early morning were creeping over the horizon as beams of light starts to glint off the ocean sending streaks of gold and white light all around. 

Ash woke up with a smile. 

It is a new day.

He crawled out from where he was peacefully laying and peeped out of the window. He couldn't help himself smiling as he looked over Miguel’s wonderful sexy body sitting on the beach and silently watching the ocean.

Ash, stark naked and unafraid, went out, slowly approached Miguel and hugged him from behind. "Good morning." He greeted.

"Good morning." Migs answered caressing the strong arms wrapped around his lean, bare body. 

The morning wind was pleasantly cold but the cozy snuggle brought by Ash’s affectionate embrace was just what he needed to make this moment perfect. Miguel kissed him as they both quietly watch the sea rippled and splash to the sand urging them to jump in and taste the saltiness of a morning soak.

On any given day, they would have grabbed their boards and accepted the challenge.
But neither of them moved. Their warm, nude body pressed against each other so much that that they can hear each other’s heart beat was enough to make this day.

“Not now.” Miguel thought as he addresses the teasing waves. “This moment is mine.”

"No, this moment is ours."

Not more than a day ago, it was just "his". For a very long time, it was always "his"... "mine". It was always a one man show. But today is the start of a new chapter for both him and the person beside him. 

And he couldn't be more excited and contented. 

He is ready to share his life. Today, "mine" has been taken by the sea far away from them. 

Today, "ours" begins.

The sun was way above them when Ash hesitantly broke the silence first. “So what now?” He whispered. “Does this mean you are my boyfriend?”

Miguel smiled. He found it innocently cute that Ash is asking this question. He gently broke Ash’s warm embrace, faced him and cradled his angelic face as he look sincerely in his eyes.

“Do you want me to be your boyfriend?” He asked.

“I want no one else but you, Migs.” Ash answered. “But I don’t want to impose.”

“Do you want me to be yours?” He asked again.

Ash sincerely nodded.

“All of me is screaming your name.” Miguel declared with all the subtlety in the world.

In front of him sits a young man who just realized and accepted for the first time that he loves another man. He remember his first time stepping out of the closet. It was painfully confusing and nerve wracking. He didn't want that for Ash. He would tread this road as delicately as possible for Ash.  

“I have imperfections." He continued with the most earnestly comforting tone he could muster. "I have faults. I have made some wrong decisions in the past. But if you want me then I am yours.”

“I am not perfect as well Migs. And if you want to know my answer now then the answer is yes.”

"Yes Migs. I want you."

If only his heart could jump out of his perfect chest and scream for joy, it would. Ash's answer almost brought him down to tears. He tenderly kissed Ash's soft lips and tightly hugged his broad body once again.     

“Then let’s do this right.” Miguel announced.

Miguel landed a quick smooch once more, stood up and ran towards his surf board laying a couple of feet away. Ash watched him quizzically as he has no idea what Miguel is planning. 

He quickly returned back and showed Ash the blue leash that he gave as a gift. 

Facing Ash, he attached one end of the leash to Ash’s wrist as he whole-heartedly expressed his vow.

“Ash, I love you without hesitation." He started. "I promise to keep you safe. I swear to comfort and never hurt you. I promise that I will never betray your trust and be yours."

"I will love you when we are together... and when we are apart."

Ash, couldn't believe what just happened. He was stunned. 

Alone and undressed, on the beach that brought them together and with the waves that they both love as their witness, Miguel is announcing his affectionate commitment to him. He never had this kind of genuine promise from anyone. He couldn't keep it any longer and let out meaningful tears in his beautiful eyes and answered with a vow of his own.

“I accept you Migs as you are." He answered as he attaches the other end of the leash to Miguel’s wrist. "and I offer myself in return."

"I vow to be loyal to you. I swear to be understanding and never to make you cry. I will care of you, stand beside you and share your joy as much as your burden from this day forward."

"I promise to be yours and yours alone… heart, body and soul.”

By the time Ash ended, Miguel was brought down to tears. This day couldn't get anymore better. 

With the blue leash binding them as one, they held hands and sealed their union with a kiss full of love and affection.