Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hachiko: A Dog Story

I just realized that I can actually post blogs using my ipod. So here goes my first blog entry via my ipod.

Eversince I was a kid, I wanted a pet. But not just any pet. I wanted a wolf!

It was never a secret to how much I wanted a wolf and how I resolved to getting a Husky instead. It was never a secret as well how much a female Husky that has a good lineage costs.

Kaya si Hachiko:

ay ito muna.

Si Hachiko na gift sa akin ni Mavie on our first Christmas together.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Los Diez Mandamientos

I was tweeting last night when I saw a re-tweet of a PublicityAsia original. It was rule number 9.

It was enough for me to know that the rest of the "PR" commandments are worth being re-shared (since it was obviously shared already in twitter). So I searched for the rest of the decrees (10 in total) and picked it out from the cosmic catalogue of the "PR" universe.

So here it is, few choice words from PublicityAsia.

PR is such an interesting field but there are a few golden rules to follow to survive the game...

RULE 1: Whatever you do, NEVER social climb - or at least try not to. Build your own.

RULE 2: Avoid name dropping at all cost. Any name you say can and will be used against you.

RULE 3: Friendships may come and go, but mutually beneficial relationships always lasts.

RULE 4: Being hated is part of the game, so defy all emotions and concentrate at the end prize

RULE 5: The law of IMPERMANENCE. Nothing last forever - so learn how to evolve overtime. Re-create yourself every now and then.

RULE 6: A FAT PR guested on TV and was talking about IMAGE and PROJECTION. So rule no. 6 is always look at your own mirror FIRST.

RULE 7: You Know They Love You When They HATE You - trust me. Otherwise, they won't waste their time - like I do.

RULE 8: FAME should be the 8th deadliest sin - do not chase it. The more famous you become the more INFAMOUS you'll end up to be.

RULE 9: DO NOT be afraid to burn bridges because if the OFFER is good then you can afford to rebuild anytime.

RULE 10: Be an ORIGINAL - and this is the most important rule of all.

Thanks for lending us your wisdom. Goddess Joyce A Ramirez. International Publicist. Frequent Flyer. Solitary Traveler, Dictator of Taste. 


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Of Wheels and Men

Michael remembered the first time he saw Jasper.

And the moment Michael laid eyes on him, he knew he was special.

Jasper was lifting weights in the gym that time. He was with two instructors who helped him through his routine.

Jasper has brown eyes, black locks and he has a deep, almost hypnotic deep voice that Michael would love listening to. His arms are to die for. His six pack abs is something to behold. Since that day, Michael would always dream of one day touching those abdominal muscles. If there was one thing that Michael fell short of though, that was his negligence of his leg muscles and everyone knows, including Michael, why. But overall, Jasper was deliciously mysterious.

Even though he looked like the love child of Brandon Routh with that hot, sexy innocence and Aljur Abrenica with that slight touch of rebellious Asian flair, to everyone in the gym, Jasper is just another rich gym goer who can afford to hire multiple instructors... but not to Michael. To him, Jasper is the man of his dreams even though Jasper is at least 10 years his senior.

Michael made it a point of going to the gym in the afternoon, after his shift on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays because that’s when Jasper was there too. Sometimes, he would find his self just looking at him. He spends an hour or two in the gym but never working out more than half an hour... maybe 1 hour max. Good thing that he inherited his parent’s good genes and fast metabolism because all he need is just slight workout and he will get himself lean and toned in a snap.

Soon, his eye candy became his object of affection. Unfortunately, this affectionate transition from crush to love, comes with a price.

Aside from the age gap between him and his love, Jasper is a hot shot lawyer while Michael, on the other hand, is just a call center agent. He has been seen numerous times in television for being an attorney and sports advocate while Michael is nothing but a person working on a grave yard shift serving clients from overseas.

They are opposites.

Michael was resolved to watching him instead from across the gym or sometimes on TV or Online. He was content to watching him play on the games he is playing in, despite being very tired at the end of a workday.
One night, following a game, Michael was leaving when he heard a voice behind him.

"Hey, there."

He knew that voice. That's the same deep voice he always wanted to hear. He turned around and there he was, his hot shot lawyer, looking handsome as ever. Michael stood there frozen, his sweat slowly forming in his shiny forehead.

"I have a feeling you are following me around. Is there something I can do for you?"

Michael couldn't speak. He just stared at him and blushed.

Jasper smiled "I see you every game and I see you work out in the gym too. You've been watching me for some time, right?"

Only this time that Michael realized he was talking to him. He nodded dumbstruck.

"I've been wanting to meet you for some time you know. Especially since it has been obvious you want to meet me."

Michael nodded again.

"Are you ever going to say something? My name is Jasper."

"I know." Michael weakly answered.

"You know?"

"I asked at the gym and I'm..."

"Michael." Jasper finished.

"I ask around too you know" Jasper laughed... musical laugh.

They shook hands. They held hands longer than they are supposed to. Michael didn't care. He was holding
the hands of the man he had secretly loved for several months.

And then Jasper suggested.

"My place is right around the corner wanna stop by?"


Michael blushed as Jasper spoke his very thoughts.

"Oh, god, I love it when you blush. It is so sexy."

Michael blushed even more.

"I know it's sudden, but I like you. I’ve been watching you in the gym. I’m just scared that you might not like me.”

Michael smiled. He placed his hand on Jasper’s shoulder, squeezed and said "Let's go."

It took a long 10 minutes to get to his apartment, a suite overlooking the city skyline.

As soon as they were in the living room, he leaned over and pulled Jasper into his arms and hugged him tight.

He never thought on a million years that this is going to happen. Tears slowly formed in his eyes.

Their lips met, their soft lips caressing the other.

Michael laid Jasper back and pulled his shirt over his head tossing it aside.

He dove down onto his nipples and sucked those hard little points. Jasper moaned. He raked his nails along
Michael’s back.

After a few minutes, Michael reluctantly left his nipples and moved up to nibble on Jasper’s ear and then his neck kissing his way down to his love’s body and to his rock hard abs. He used his mouth on every part of Jasper’s body. The taste of his skin was slightly salty with a soapy aroma... the taste of heaven. He tongued Jasper’s belly button and it was answered by soft moans of pleasure.

Finally, Michael reached his jeans' waist band and popped the first button. He continued licking Jasper’s bare skin and nipped at the touch of soft black hair on the slight opening flap. He popped the rest of the buttons to reveal his huge manhood.

Michael licked the head of his cock. Jasper cock jumped.

Michael teased his way along the shaft alternately sucking and nipping. Jasper groaned and writhed as he went his way down and reached the base. He went back up and licked the pre-cum forming on the lawyer’s mushroom head.

Michael was in heaven. Kneeling between Jasper’s legs was where he wanted to be. He reached for the jeans and started to pull.

"No, don't" Jasper pleaded.

"It will be alright." Michael promised.

He lifted Jasper’s hips and pulled the jeans past his knees and over his feet. With the jeans out of the way, it revealed his magnificent, 7 inch cock. It was a beautiful, huge pole of cut meat throbbing against his flat stomach. His family jewels were smooth and hairless.

Michael played at his beau’s shaft for a while squeezing it gently before plunging back on his oral exploration of his body. He shoved the whole length of the cock down his throat, swirling his tongue around the head and shaft as he slid up and down.

Jasper went wild. His hands played with Michael’s thick hair, tugging gently. Soon, his body bucked and rolled... unmistakable signs he was close to cumming. He stopped sucking and stood up.

"No, we aren't finished yet." He whispered gently in answer to Jasper’s questioning eye.

Michael stood up and slowly began to strip before his naked god. He pulled his shirt of revealing his lean torso, popped open the button of his jeans, and pushed down. He allowed his pants to slide down... his hard cock now tenting his boxers.

Jasper reached for his boxers and pulled them from his hips. Michael threw his head back and moaned as Jasper put his 6 inch cock into his hot, moist mouth. He sucked massaging his balls and squeezing his firm ass until Michael shot his load in Jasper’s perfect pecs.

Michael collapsed on Jasper’s sticky, cum filled chest, their heart beating in unison. He was so happy. He was in ecstasy. He thought, this man, the man that he dreamed for so long wanted to be with him too. Jasper wrapped his strong arms on him and looked into his eyes and smiled. The love and affection gleaming in his eyes was enough to cause Michael’s cock to rise again. Again, they shared long, hot, passionate kisses. Not just the kisses of lust but more.

Michael felt their cocks throb between their bodies. He spit on his hand and stroked Jasper’s hard cock. He positioned Jasper’s huge pole at the entrance of his twitching hole and lowered himself slowly. Jasper’s cock filled him completely. It was painful but he wanted it. He wanted Jasper to feel and fill him. It was a pleasurable torment. After reaching the base of Jasper’s superb manhood, he then slid in and out. Michael raised his ass until only the head remained in him and then plunged down... again and again.

And again until Jasper shoot his warm juices inside Michael. This was all Michael needed to shoot his own hot, gooey cum again on his chest.

Holding his mighty attorney’s softening cock inside him, he leaned down and kissed him softly and lovingly. They stayed just like that for a while just listening to their heartbeats.

"Shall we retire to the bedroom?" Jasper asked grinning in a mock English accent.

Michael cuddled close to his chest. Again, they kissed more passionate than ever.

Michael then gently placed Jasper on his wheelchair and pushed him into the bedroom... for the first night of the rest of their lives.