Friday, September 26, 2014

Day Dream Erotica, Redux

We'd meet somewhere for coffee, maybe a drink. 

I'd notice the need in your eyes as we sat and talked. Your leg would brush against mine every so often, each time lingering a bit longer. Finally, I put my hand below the table and run it over the inside of your leg from the knee to near your warm crotch but not quite high enough to make contact with the bulge there.

Just enough to tease you a bit.

As we leave, I stare at your butt. I can see it flexing as you walk and my cock throbs, anticipating what's to come. 

Once we're inside your house, I come up to you from behind and wrap my arms around your chest, rubbing and caressing your flesh through your shirt. 

Your ass grinds into my crotch as my fingers circle and then lightly pinch your nipples.

Your head falls back against me and our cheeks touch. I lick your ear and you groan deeply as my tongue continues to explore your ear and neck. My hands slowly glide down to your waist and I pull your shirt out of your pants and run my hands up your soft, warm torso. 

We move into the living room and to the couch. I sit down and tell you to take off your shirt and pants but to leave your underwear on for now. I can see a large wet spot on your shorts where your dick is oozing. 

Now, starting with your feet I begin to massage your body. 

Now, I stand and you begin to unbutton my shirt. That done, you fall to your knees in front of me and push your face into my denim covered crotch. I feel your hot breath through the material and I grind against your face, holding your head against me and you nibble and chew at my dick. 

I pull you to your feet and our bare chests come together as we kiss, our tongues swiping at each other, our hands sliding up and down our warm backs. Slowly, you guide me to the bedroom. 

You lie down on your stomach as I shed my jeans.

I rub your arms and massage your hands and you moan and push your ass up against my hard drooling cock. I rise up and turn you onto your back. 

Slowly working my way up the backs of your legs, rubbing and caressing your hot flesh. I pause at the backs of your knees lightly stroking the sensitive flesh there. I bend down and blow warm breath across your flesh as my tongue darts out and licks your skin. 

You groan and hump the sheets as my hands continue higher on your legs and over your sweet tight ass. 

I lift your waist and remove your shorts pulling your hard dick back so it points down and the head sticks out below your balls when you lie back down.

Now, I straddle your ass and begin working on your shoulders and back. You can feel my hard wet dick rubbing against your sweaty crack as my hands continue to massage and relax you. 

You beg me to fuck you. 

Your hard cock snaps up against your stomach as I once again begin to massage your legs. 

My hands near your hot crotch, brushing against your balls as I begin to rub your chest. Our hard cocks rub together, our slime mixing into a wonderful slick mess as I continue to massage your chest, neck and arms.  

Now, I slide forward and you feel my balls on your chin. Your tongue darts out and tastes the ooze at the end of my fat, red knob and I push a couple inches into your mouth. 

But, you don't get long to taste me because I need to keep control.

I begin licking your neck and chest, chewing lightly on each of your hard nipples then continuing lower until your hard dick pokes at my chin. 

I slide my wet tongue across the shaft of your cock and you groan and buck your hips. 

This proves to be too much for you and your dick throbs and fills my mouth with your hot thick cum. I keep my fingers moving in and out of you as your orgasm builds. My mouth is full of your hot juice as I pull off your dick and remove my fingers from your ass. 

But, as my fingers spread your tight ass cheeks I realize you are still way too tight. I wet my middle finger with some spit and a glob of the slippery ooze from your hard dick. 

Slowly, I circle your tight hole with my slippery finger then gently probe and push until you've bucked yourself down to the second knuckle. 

Your tight hole spasms then loosens a bit and I work my finger in and out slowly and gently. As you hump and groan I clamp my wet lips over the end of your dick. 

You push up into my mouth as I slide a second finger into your tight warm hole. 

I push your legs apart and put my lips to your hot pucker. 

You can feel my tongue, wet and slick with your fresh cum as it laps at your ass hole. 

You lift your legs and put your feet on my shoulders as I grab and unwrap a rubber. 

My cock has never been so hard. 

With the rubber in place, I slowly lower myself into you. 

I grunt and groan as my cum continues to spew from my gaping piss slit. I fall on top of you as our lips meet again. Our bodies are slick with sweat and cum. We kissed again as we both drifted off. 

You grimace as my cock head pushes past your tight ring of muscle. I pause and lean down and kiss you as your ass relaxes and begins to suck another inch of my meat into it. Our tongues duel passionately as I slowly push home. 

Your cock is fully erect again as you sleep. I can feel my hard thick cock begin to move in your ass channel.

We fuck.

My cock pushing in deeper; you pushing your ass back and up to meet my thrusts. 

I reach down to stroke your cock in time to my insistent thrusting. 

Your eyes roll back in your head as another orgasm overtakes you and your dick spouts hot cream all over both of us. 

I slam into your spasming hole as I near the point of no return. 

My cock is on fire as your hot ass grips and pulls at it. 

I can't take anymore. 

I pull my throbbing shaft from your ass with a pop, rip off the rubber and stroke the shaft once. 

My dick explodes with cum shooting all over your chest, neck and face. 

Your cock is fully erect again as you sleep.

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