Friday, May 27, 2011

Gym Rants: The Good, The Bad and The Fugly

Every time I feel upset or disappointed or hurt, I go to the gym. I always find solace in my second home.

That's right folks! I'm one narcissistic bitch! I've been working out since 2003. That's the one place I'm comfortable in (other than my room) since me and my best friend started pumping our muscles (among other things, he he he) 8 years ago.

Leave it to a masochistic, narcissistic freak to love beauty by way of pain and suffering. But that's not the reason why I blogged this entry.

Mr Good has a rugged look and he kept his hair really, really short. He is well built with a very proud pair of hairy pecks. His arms are like very defined trunks that could crush you in a heartbeat. His 6 packs abs is screaming out of his tight black shirt waiting to be touched and licked. He fashions a very long side burns and his very neatly trimmed beard completed his look. He could have been a 6 footer seeing that I'm already 5 feet, 11 inches tall and he is still taller than me... the kind of guy who would fuck you without mercy.

He looks gorgeously rough but there something in his black, Asian eyes that tell you that he can fuck you hard and hug you warm and tight while having a very smart conversation till you fall asleep in his arms afterwards.

Still, I could make do with just the fucking hard without mercy.

Mr Bad was totally different but just as gorgeous as Mr Good. He has shiny dark brown, highlighted hair set in a K-pop look and dark brown, almond shaped eyes. He's probably in his early 20's and 5"7' or so tall. He would always wear tight shirts and nice pair of jeans every time he goes to the gym.

He wasn't extremely developed like Mr Good. He didn't have a lot of muscle but that's what makes him hot. He's the boy next door that you will take home to mommy. Shirtless, his six-packs are already showing in his almost washboard abs.

Unfortunately, what he makes up with his looks, he lacks in his character... or at least that’s what I thought.

Either way, these are reasons why I sometimes, look forward to working out.

Then enter Mr Fugly.

Mr Fugly is a major, major gym cruiser. He's fat and he's ugly. He has a balding head and a tummy that resembles a 9 month old pregnant woman.

That may sound harsh but it’s true. We fags know, above all people, that physical appearance matters. To hell with the "don't judge the book by its cover shit."

Let's face it, we judge the glossy, colorful, visually stunning cover first and check out its contents later. That's the reason why almost all the premier gyms in the metro are gay central.

And if the gym is the rainbow country, then its sauna and steam room is its twin capital.

Anyway, this guy frequents the steam room and sauna looking for other guys, hot or not, in the hopes for an easy head... even if he has to stay inside the gay capital and get steamed and dehydrated for hours on end.

I don't mind Mr Fugly. I don't even mind him cruising. What I do mind is that he doesn't know how to quit even if you already said "NO!" or more bluntly, "I"M NOT INTERESTED!"

On more than one occasion, when we are alone in the sauna (I work out in the morning when the gym has just opened), he would always make an effort to let me know that he wants me. He would often take off his towel, and jerk off his small dick which is tucked behind his huge belly. I would look away of course but then he would moan loud enough so that I can hear him.

And that’s how our cat and mouse game would start.

I would leave the steam room to go to the sauna... only to be followed by Mr Fugly a couple of minutes later. And that’s what pisses me of.

Now, all 3 guys are not my friends. We don't talk to each other except for Mr Fugly's indecent attempts to engage with me, which I always ignore and Mr Good's rare hi's or 'zup's which I totally look forward to answering back with unemotional nods. I never had any engagement with Mr Bad until one fateful Monday morning when all of us found ourselves working out at the same time.

(to be continued...)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I got a major surprise when I opened my blog today.

Aris became my first follower.

So in honor of Aris, who was one of the reason why I started my own blog, I overhauled my page.

Same content, different packaging.

Thanks a lot Aris. Hope to read more great entries from you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Stop overanalyzing Silvan (Silverwing Angel)!

You always get yourself in trouble when you do.

You are successful, a manager already at a very young age. Everything is ahead of you.

No doubt you are one smart cookie... intelligent, imaginative and creative. But sometimes your best attributes are your worse.

You said yourself you tend to think things over so much that you find yourself in an alternate reality where you scare yourself like crazy.

You called him more than 50 times. Even if you already know there's no fucking reason why he wouldn't answer the phone, Don't you think it’s pathetic?

Your boyfriend is hot!

Your friends says so, even your sister says so!

Deal with it.

Paranoia: That's what you get for falling in love with a god... Not that you aren't one too.

Wait for the day to end. Listen to what he has to say and maybe the monster you created in your head isn't that scary.

And if worse comes to worse, then you know what to do.
Just remember that there is a fine line between trusting someone and just being plain stupid.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Last Galera

I spent some "me" time on my fourth night in the island this Holy Week and for those people who know me, walking away from the pounding sounds of a bar fueled by the sweet sweat of topless, skin on skin, grinding bodies of hot and wild boylets is next to impossible. But I figured, this is my last night on the island and the only chance for me to tone down the music inside me and assess my current situation... This is me in emoterang froglet mode!

Anyway, after 5 pitchers of the drink-of-choice (or should I say the COCKtail-of-choice, LOL), Mindoro Sling and over 3 hours of non-stop dancing, I left my friends with those beautiful men with great difficulty.

I walked far beyond Miko's Bar, the hottest bar in the island, and the beating "thumpa thumpa" that made Galera gay central every Holy Week. Within minutes, I find myself walking alone under the sanctuary of the bright Black Saturday moon. I claimed a soft spot and sat facing the dark, unphatomable sea burying my feet with more of the white sand and thought things over.

It's amazing that all you have to do in Galera to find a peaceful and calm place on the beach is just to walk a few meters away from the wild and loud bars.
I am no stranger to Puerto Galera.

I’ve been going here with my friends every year with the exception of 2008 Holy Week when I was hospitalized… a tradition that started 9 years ago.   

And every year, I always had the chance to party every day, get drunk and gain new friends or hot "fubu's" in the process.

I admit. I’m no Adonis but I’m definitely no Quasimodo either. I had my fair share of guys trying to hit on me and they are no Notre Dame Bell ringer too. This year is no exception.

I guess I still have it. There are still a handful of guys in every shape and sizes, who finds me hot.

Yes! Humaba na naman ang buhok ko sa Puerto! Nasubukan ang katawang lupa ko ng bongang-bongang-bongangvilla!

I went over the events that happened to me and my friends for the last 4 days: the fun, the adventure, the booze, the temptation.

I admit. I played the game. And I can still play the game, maybe better than ever before.

I flirted and flirted real well.

I got hit on. Others even feel me up. I worked the dance floor. I grinded my sweaty, topless gym toned body with other hot men with their thing poking me from every side. Two guys decided to opt for the classic move and offered me a drink which I appreciatively accepted while others gave it to me straight up and went straight into the business. Believe me when I say the offers were very hard to refuse.

But those were refused nonetheless.

Thinking of it now, sitting on the beach (and still being hit on by guys) made me smile. I never went back to Manila empty handed and this is the first time I will and I’m happy (a Galera first for me). I didn’t get a head (and didn’t give one either) but my ego got the best blow job in the world!

This is one of the reasons why I went to the beach with my friends sans Mavie. I want to know for myself that I can do it.

I dialed his number. He immediately answered.
We talked with my cheap but very reliable "work" phone on my left hand while playing with the ring we bought before I left manila for the vacation on the other. I told him everything. We laughed as I shared my adventures and misadventures. He knows that I enjoyed the time I spent with my friends and I can tell that he knows I didn’t lose his trust.

He called 2 to 3 times every day I was away but tonight, after the last of the loud "thumpa thumpa" rhythm was drowned by the sea, all I can hear is the beat of my heart screaming his name. (ang Keso ko talaga!)

After we talked, I lay down on the beach just enjoying the sounds of the wave hitting the shore. I wish he was there, hugging me.

Soon, the dark heaven is broken by the dawn. Its scattered stars started hiding beneath the soft, fluffy morning clouds one by one... Easter sun is rising.

I picked myself up, dust myself off and walked back.

Now, I'm sure where I belong.

I'm coming home Mavie!