Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Angel: The Blow

My angel was a quick learner. I slipped my tongue back in his mouth as we taste each other picking up the pace a little. 

This time, ang sarap na ng mga hagod at halik niya. May mga moments pa rin naman na bigla siyang manggi-gigil but those were easily remedied with a gentle tap reminding him to slow down. 

My hands travelled down to his semi-flabby waist again lovingly squeezing his love handles. I slipped down a little further into his groin and inside his underwear. 
All this time, I have felt him rub his dick but I have never touched his manhood. I tried pulling over his briefs to uncover his dick but I was met with his hand preventing access to his hard pole.

 “Nahihiya siguro.” I thought. So I reached on the other side, put my hands in and squeezed his tight, smooth buns instead. 

After a while, I tried pulling his briefs again. I was met with another refusal. I look at him showing him that it’s okay.

“Nahihiya ako eh.”  He said before he changed the topic. “Ako naman.” He grinned. 

"Higa ka," He whispered in my ears. I obliged.  I let him go on top of me sitting on my groin with my hard cock precisely planted between his ass. 

He closed his mouth over mine again then too my cheek and worked his way to my ear. I gasp as he kissed my neck down to my nipples.  His hot breath caused my nipple to stand straight up. He wrapped his mouth around it and gently bit it apparently following my example. He used his tongue lathering back and forth while his other hand turned its attention to my other nipple playfully flicking it.


I moan uncontrollably as he went down and kissed my abs and stick his wet warm tongue in my belly button. He grinned as he grabbed my boxer’s waistband and pulled them down. Nakawala ang nagngangalit kong tubo.  

My cock sprang hard pointing in his face, my dick still leaking precum. He grabbed the base of my hard pole and licked around the head of my cock. I threw my head back and cried out as his tongue bathed my shaft. I watch him as he licked my dick slowly moving up and down sending me deeper into ecstasy.

I gasped as he went back to licking the head of my cock teasing it with his tongue. Then he slowly wrapped his lips around the head and gagged his way down. 

He had a hard time. He gagged every time he tried to get it all the way in but he kept his mouth working. I watched him blow me teary eyed but he didn’t stop.  I grabbed the back of Pao’s head and ran my hands through his hair showing him my appreciation.

I actually had a hard time too. His teeth were constantly colliding with my shaft. I almost screamed when he almost bit my cock off. 

But I didn’t stop him. Looking at Pao, my virgin angel, playing at my pole and trying his best to give me his first blow, I don’t have the heart to say anything. I kept my mouth shut until he had almost skinned my dick and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I asked him to stop.  

“My turn.” I said grabbing his briefs again. 

And for the third time I was met with another resistance.  I let him lay down as I took the driver’s seat again.

 “Di ka ba tuli?” I wondered.

I had my share of uncircumcised fuck buddies and for one, it turns me on. 

“Okay lang yan. Kakaturn-on kaya yun.”

“Hindi yun. Tuli ako.” He answered. I didn’t think he would get any redder.

“Yun pala eh. Okay lang yan...” I said slowly pulling his briefs down. “Trust me.”

Then little by little, he gave in letting me slipped his underwear and kicked it off. 

“Kaya pala.” I thought.

His dick was barely 3 inches hard. 

I looked at him and smiled sincerely.

I grabbed his dick and started slowly stroking it. He was tense again. Assuming that he might still be conscious of his small manhood, I leaned in and gave him a soft peck in the neck. 

“Okay lang yan....” I whispered encouraging him to relax. “Sarap mo nga eh.” 

With that encouragement, he relaxed.

I planted a warm, wet kiss on his throbbing member.  Then I licked his balls.  He gasped as he spread his legs and raised his hips.  

“Oh fuck! Sarap Silvan.” He moaned.

Then I put his dick in my mouth and sucked him for all his worth.

Unfortunately, it was worth a minute.

The moment I wrapped my mouth in his cock, he screamed my name in pure pleasure then the next, I can feel his dick pulsing and then...

“Ohhhhh shit! Tangina!” He shouted grabbing my head and burying my face in his groin.

I was caught off guard. He shoots. I have no choice but to let him release his warm boy juice in my mouth. I can taste his cum as globs after globs of his manhood filled my mouth. 

Mapait na matamis.

Eh andun na eh so I continued sucking him my tongue moving around, maximizing the pleasure I can give him until his head was too sensitive that he can’t take it anymore. 

“Sorry! Sorry!” He apologized. 

I raised my thumb quickly showing him thatvit’s okay before I ran into the toilet spitting his cum out and washed my mouth with the bottled water we bought before we checked in. 

The moment he saw me out of the toilet, he quickly stood up shaking as I offered my hand for support. 

Then after washing, he went back to the bed and I lay down beside me smiling.

“Sorry talaga. Di ko napigilan.” He said as he grabbed my naked hips pinching a little. “Mabilis talaga akong labasan...”

“Pansin ko nga.” I teased.

“Sorry talaga Sylvan... sobrang sarap kasi.” Then he kissed me again passionately na parang naglalambing.

Ang cute niya lang habang humihingi ng paumanhin. Imbis na mainis ako dahil maliit na nga titi niya tapos walang kaabog-abog, nagpaputok pa sa bibig ko. Natuwa lang ako sa kanya lalo.

“Okay lang yun. Wag ka nang magsorry” I said. “First time mo ma BJ?”

“Hindi naman. Na-BJ na ako ng ex ko pero di kasing sarap nung ginawa mo.”


“Hindi nga! Unang subo mo palang nasarapan na ako. Sa mga ex ko kasi masakit kinakagat nila yung titi ko.” He explained.  

I was loving every moment of our conversation. It was lewd. It was sexual. By God! It was disgusting. 

But I can see in his eyes the sincerity. 

Di ako makasagot sa huling comment niya. I was speechless. I just nodded.

“Di ka magpapalabas?”

“Mamaya na.” I said. “You owe me.”

“Sige. Bawi ako” He replied with his angelic smile.

“Sinabi mo yan ha.” I replied with a devilish grin.

Touchy ako. I enjoy cuddling and kissing a lot and in some instances, even more than sex.  Sex is just the icing on the cake provided that I really, really like the guy. Otherwise, it will just be another one-night stand. Just another “Fuck and go.”

I really, really like this guy.

Hindi siya balingkinitan pero gusto kong hinahawakan ang waist niya. Like I said, it is my fetish. We stayed like that for a while. Then he slumped over my chest and we both fall asleep.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Teddy Ver

We found each other in the most unexpected time on a very familiar territory.

Or should I say, I found you again.

A year ago, I found myself facing the world without bitterness and hatred.

As for you, I really don’t know why...

Even now.

On my way out for an unadulterated night out with friends, out of nowhere, you sent an SMS.

YOU: Hi! Kamusta!

ME: I’m OK. On my way out. Inuman with friends.

YOU: Ah OK. Ako din baka lumabas.  Just waiting for the confirmation kung tuloy o hindi. 

ME: I see. Ingat. Keep in touch.

I rarely get a message from you and when I do, your cellular gratuities are consistently limited to one liner, 10 character long texts but this time I felt there’s something different. I’m not sure why.

I punch in another SMS while inconveniently hailing for a cab amidst uncertainties that your response will be favourable... or if you even would.

ME: Would you like to come with me?

Then my invite was followed by a cold mobile phone silence and I kind of expected it already.

It’s true that we sort of kept in touch online and via web but it’s almost always no more than “Hi’s” and “Hello’s”  with the regular “see you soon” or “keep in touch” post scripts. We did “keep in touch” but never “see you soon”.  Good thing I have learned not to keep my hopes up a long time ago. 

Then halfway from Monumento to Malate, my phone vibrated.

YOU: My officemate confirmed. Tuloy inuman namin.

Then quickly followed by another one.

YOU: Sige kita tayo later paguwi ko from inuman. Text kita pag paalis na ako dun. Saan ba kayo iinom?

ME: Sa Malate. Bed.

YOU: I’m not familiar with the place, text text nalang tapos sunduin mo na lang ako somewhere pag andun na ako.

ME: Ok. Ingat.

I didn’t make an effort to provide directions. I did not even elaborate anymore not because I don’t want to but because I want to keep myself from expecting even though your desire to meet me this time is almost convincing... 

We have been in the same movie playing the same role too many times... us, agreeing to see each other then you bailing out after. And considering that you barely made a peek outside the closet, the chances of history repeating itself is all too apparent.

But then all night, we were exchanging messages and with every text, you broke down my defences.  Before I knew it, I was already nursing a small fire of hope. 

You were drinking somewhere in Taguig with your officemates and miles away, I am somewhere in Manila having good but lack luster time with my friends. I say that because after what seem like forever, looks like I would finally see you again and by this time, my mind was so set on our re-acquaintance so much that I refused an offer of a possible good time with my total eye candy and ex-fubu who saw me at the bar without a second thought.

Already, all I can think of is seeing you. Your own drinking session with your officemates had made it past 2:30 with still enough fuel for another 2 or 3 hours. You were trying your best to escape out of it for an hour already and I am getting a little worried. 

By 3:30 AM, my friends had gone home and I begged to be left for no reason. I spent my last few hours and ounces of hope at the bar’s roof deck. Your last message was over an hour ago.

I had downed another bottle of beer and with a sigh, accepted the fact that you have taken another rain check and again, conviently forgetting about me. I cursed myself for rekindling that desire. 

By that time, I was so drunk I decided to let go of my pride and tried to look for my eye candy, ex-fubu. Maybe he is still around and still interested to play.
So I can be happy. So I can forget. 

But then my phone rang.

“Silvan, dito na ako Malate.”

photo captured here.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Short Unfortunate Fairy Tale

Somewhere in the city, a beautiful baby is playing and for the first time, the infant laughed.

And as the baby's first laugh echoed in Neverland, in Pixie Hollow, the tiny, magical creatures celebrated as a new fairy is born.

Across the city, Silvan is working for 12 straight hours. Grumpy and pissed, he is not amused by some of his co-worker's incompetence.

Minutes after, he found his self in the parking lot and in his dark attempt to vent out, he lighted a stick, inhaled the nicotine laden vapor and took his anger out on something else.

"I do not believe in fairies." He shouted.

Unknown to him, the wind took his fatal curse and carried it to the land were people never grow old and thus, the fairies watch in horror as one of their unfortunate kin is helplessly smitten by an invisible hand unmercifully squeezing the life out of the poor unsuspecting creature.

The End.

photo here

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The French-Canadian

It's been eons since I humbly took my first step up the corporate ladder and I have to admit that I miss the days when my white collar job revolved around taking nasty phone calls from irate customers and converting it to a happy and satisfied cardmembers.

Yes! Life was so simple back then. But then again, so was the paycheck.

Still, I miss those days so much that I sometimes volunteer to take escalated calls when my longing to get degraded and devalued by pompous pricks that can barely do basic mathematics hits me.

These days, I rarely get surprised on escalated phone calls so you can't imagine my shock (and my grin) when I offered to take a double escalation. This was definitely a first.

Just before I ended the call, the irate turned satisfied cardmember asked me a personal question. I'm not sure if I would take it as an insult or a compliment.

CLIENT: Excuse me Sir, Can I ask you a personal question?

ME: Absolutely Mr Cardmember. What is it?

CLIENT: Are you French-Canadian from Quebec?

ME: No sir. Why?

CLIENT: You sound like my partner who grew up in Quebec and he's French-Canadian.

ME: No sir. I'm a Pacific Islander from Southeast Asia.

CLIENT: I see... you don't sound like one.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kissed: Magnus and Alec’s First Kiss

extra scene 
Cassandra Clare

It was printed on thin paper, nearly parchment, in a thin, elegant, spidery hand. It announced a gathering at the humble home of Magnus the Magnificent Warlock, and promised attendees “a rapturous evening of delights beyond your wildest imaginings.” —City of Bones

Standing in the stairwell of Magnus’ home, Alec stared at the name written under the buzzer on the wall. BANE. The name didn’t really seem to suit Magnus, he thought, not now that he knew him. If you could really be said to know someone when you’d attended one of their parties, once, and then they’d saved your life later but hadn’t really hung around to be thanked. But the name Magnus Bane made him think of a towering sort of figure, with huge shoulders and formal purple warlock’s robes, calling down fire and lightning. Not Magnus himself, who was more of a cross between a panther and a demented elf.

Alec took a deep breath and let it out. Well, he’d come this far; he might as well go on. The bare lightbulb hanging overhead cast sweeping shadows as he reached forward and pressed the buzzer.

A moment later a voice echoed through the stairwell. “WHO CALLS UPON THE HIGH WARLOCK?”

“Er,” Alec said. “It’s me. I mean, Alec. Alec Lightwood.”

There was a sort of silence, as if even the hallway itself were surprised. Then a ping, and the second door opened, letting him out onto the stairwell. He headed up the rickety stairs into the darkness, which smelled like pizza and dust. The second floor landing was bright, the door at the far end open. Magnus Bane was leaning in the entryway.

Compared to the first time Alec has seen him, he looked fairly normal. His black hair still stood up in spikes, and he looked sleepy; his face, even with its cat’s eyes, very young. He wore a black t-shirt with the words ONE MILLION DOLLARS picked out across the chest in sequins, and jeans that hung low on his hips, low enough that Alec looked away, down at his own shoes. Which were boring.

“Alexander Lightwood,” said Magnus. He had just the faintest trace of an accent, something Alec couldn’t put his finger on, a lilt to his vowels. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Alec looked past Magnus. “Do you have — company?”

Magnus crossed his arms, which did good things for his biceps, and leaned against the side of the door. “Why do you want to know?”

“I was hoping I could come in and talk to you.”

“Hmmm.” Magnus’ eyes raked him up and down. They really did shine in the dark, like a cat’s. “Well, all right then.” He turned abruptly away and disappeared into the apartment; after a startled moment, Alec followed.

The loft looked different without a hundred churning bodies in it. It was — well, not ordinary, but the sort of space someone might live in. Like most lofts, it had a big central room split into “rooms” by groupings of furniture. There was a square collection of sofas and tables off to the right, which Magnus gestured Alec toward. Alec sat down on a gold velvet sofa with elegant wooden curlicues on the arms.

“Would you like some tea?” Magnus asked. He wasn’t sitting in a chair, but had sprawled himself on a tufted ottoman, his long legs stretched out in front of him.

Alec nodded. He felt incapable of saying anything. Anything interesting or intelligent, that was. It was always Jace who said the interesting, intelligent things. He was Jace’s parabatai and that was all the glory he needed or wanted: like being the dark star to someone else’s supernova. But this was somewhere Jace couldn’t go with him, something Jace couldn’t help him with. “Sure.”

His right hand felt suddenly hot. He looked down, and realized he was holding a waxed paper cup from Joe, the Art of Coffee. It smelled like chai. He jumped, and only barely escaped spilling on himself. “By the Angel —”

“I LOVE that expression,” said Magnus. “It’s so quaint.”

Alec stared at him. “Did you steal this tea?”

Magnus ignored the question. “So,” he said. “Why are you here?”

Alec took a gulp of the stolen tea. “I wanted to thank you,” he said, when he came up for air. “For saving my life.”

Magnus leaned back on his hands. His t-shirt rode up over his flat stomach, and this time Alec had nowhere else to look. “You wanted to thank me.”

“You saved my life,” Alec said, again. “But I was delirious, and I don’t think I really thanked you. I know you didn’t have to do it. So thank you.”

Magnus’ eyebrows had disappeared up into his hairline. “You’re . . .welcome?”

Alec set his tea down. “Maybe I should go.”

Magnus sat up. “After you came so far? All the way to Brooklyn? Just to thank me?” He was grinning. “Now that would be a wasted effort.” He reached out and put his hand to Alec’s cheek, his thumb brushing along the cheekbone. His touch felt like fire, training tendrils of sparks in its wake. Alec sat frozen in surprise — surprise at the gesture, and surprise at the effect it was having on him. Magnus’ eyes narrowed, and he dropped his hand. “Huh,” he said to himself.

“What?” Alec was suddenly very worried that he’d done something wrong. “What is it?”

“You’re just . . .” A shadow moved behind Magnus; with fluid agility, the warlock twisted around and picked up a small gray and white tabby cat from the floor. The cat curled into the crook of his arm and looked at Alec with suspicion. Now two pairs of gold-green eyes were trained on him darkly. “Not what I expected.”

“From a Shadowhunter?”

“From a Lightwood.”

“I didn’t realize you knew my family that well.”

“I’ve known your family for hundreds of years.” Magnus’ eyes searched his face. “Now your sister, she’s a Lightwood. You—’

“She said you liked me.”


“Izzy. My sister. She told me you liked me. Liked me, liked me.”

“Liked you, liked you?” Magnus buried his grin in the cat’s fur. “Sorry. Are we twelve now? I don’t recall saying anything to Isabelle . . .”

“Jace said it too.” Alec was blunt; it was the only way he knew how to be. “That you liked me. That when he buzzed up here, you thought he was me and you were disappointed that it was him. That never happens.”

“Doesn’t it? Well, it should.”

Alec was startled. “No — I mean Jace, he’s . . . Jace.”

“He’s trouble,” said Magnus. “But you are totally without guile. Which in a Lightwood, is a conundrum. You’ve always been a plotting sort of family, like low-rent Borgias. But there isn’t a lie in your face. I get the feeling everything you say is straightforward.”

Alec leaned forward. “Do you want to go out with me?”

Magnus blinked. “See, that’s what I mean. Straightforward.”

Alec chewed his lip and said nothing.

“Why do you want to go out with me?” Magnus inquired. He was rubbing Chairman Meow’s head, his long fingers folding the cat’s ears down. “Not that I’m not highly desirable, but the way you asked, it seemed as if you were having some sort of fit —”

“I just do,” Alec said. “And I thought you liked me, so you’d say yes, and I could try — I mean, we could try —” He put his face in his hands. “Maybe this was a mistake.”

Magnus’ voice was gentle. “Does anyone know you’re gay?”

Alec’s head jerked up; he found he was breathing a little hard, as if he’d run a race. But what could he do, deny it? When he’d come here to do exactly the opposite? “Clary,” he said, hoarsely. “Which is . . . Which was an accident. And Izzy, but she’d never say anything.”

“Not your parents. Not Jace?”

Alec thought about Jace knowing, and pushed the thought away, hard and fast. “No. No, and I don’t want them to know, especially Jace.”

“I think you could tell him.” Magnus rubbed Chairman Meow under the chin. “He went to pieces like a jigsaw puzzle when he thought you were going to die. He cares —”

“I’d rather not.” Alec was still breathing quickly. He rubbed at the knees of his jeans with his fists. “I’ve never had a date,” he said in a low voice. “Never kissed anyone. Not ever. Izzy said you liked me and I thought —”

“I’m not unsympathetic. But do you like me? Because this being gay business doesn’t mean you can just throw yourself at any guy and it’ll be fine because he’s not a girl. There are still people you like and people you don’t.”

Alec thought of his bedroom back at the Institute, of being in a delirium of pain and poison when Magnus had come in. He had barely recognized him. He was fairly sure he’d been screaming for his parents, for Jace, for Izzy, but his voice would only come out on a whisper. He remembered Magnus’ hands on him, his fingers cool and gentle. He remembered the death-grip he’d kept on Magnus’ wrist, for hours and hours, even after the pain had passed and he knew he would be all right. He remembered watching Magnus’ face in the light of the rising sun, the gold of sunrise sparking gold out of his eyes, and thinking how oddly beautiful he was, with his cat’s gaze and grace.

“Yes,” Alec said. “I like you.”

He met Magnus’ gaze squarely. The warlock was looking at him with a sort of admixture of curiosity and affection and puzzlement. “It’s so odd,” Magnus said. “Genetics. Your eyes, that color —” He stopped and shook his head.

“The Lightwoods you knew didn’t have blue eyes?”

“Green-eyed monsters,” said Magnus, and grinned. He deposited Chairman Meow on the ground, and the cat moved over to Alec, and rubbed against his leg. “The Chairman likes you.”

“Is that good?”

“I never date anyone my cat doesn’t like,” Magnus said easily, and stood up. “So let’s say Friday night?”

A great wave of relief came over Alec. “Really? You want to go out with me?”

Magnus shook his head. “You have to stop playing hard to get, Alexander. It makes things difficult.” He grinned. He had a grin like Jace’s — not that they looked anything alike, but the sort of grin that lit up his whole face. “Come on, I’ll walk you out.”

Alec drifted after Magnus toward the front door, feeling as if a weight had been taken off his shoulders, one he hadn’t even known he was carrying. Of course he’d have to come up with an excuse for where he was going Friday night, something Jace wouldn’t want to participate in, something he’d need to do alone. Or he could pretend to be sick and sneak out. He was so lost in thought he almost banged into the front door, which Magnus was leaning against, looking at him through eyes narrowed to crescents.

“What is it?” Alec said.

“Never kissed anyone?” Magnus said. “No one at all?”

“No,” said Alec, hoping this didn’t disqualify him from being datable. “Not a real kiss —”

“Come here.” Magnus took him by the elbows and pulled him close. For a moment Alec was entirely disoriented by the feeling of being so close to someone else, to the kind of person he’d wanted to be close to for so long. Magnus was long and lean but not skinny; his body was hard, his arms lightly muscled but strong; he was an inch or so taller than Alec, which hardly ever happened, and they fit together perfectly. Magnus’ finger was under his chin, tilting his face up, and then they were kissing. Alec heard a small hitching gasp come from his own throat and then their mouths were pressed together with a sort of controlled urgency. Magnus, Alec thought dazedly, really knew what he was doing. His lips were soft, and he parted Alec’s expertly, exploring his mouth: a symphony of lips, teeth, tongue, every movement waking up a nerve ending Alec had never known he had.

He found Magnus’ waist with his fingers, touching the strip of bare skin he’d been trying to avoid looking at before, and slid his hands up under Magnus’ shirt. Magnus jerked with surprise, then relaxed, his hands running down Alec’s arms, over his chest, his waist, finding the belt loops on Alec’s jeans and using them to pull him closer. His mouth left Alec’s and Alec felt the hot pressure of his lips on his throat, where the skin was so sensitive that it seemed directly connected to the bones in his legs, which were about to give out. Just before he slid to the floor, Magnus let him go. His eyes were shining and so was his mouth.

“Now you’ve been kissed,” he said, reached behind him, and yanked the door open. “See you Friday?”

Alec cleared his throat. He felt dizzy, but he also felt alive — blood rushing through his veins like traffic at top speed, everything seemingly almost too brightly colored. As he stepped through the door, he turned and looked at Magnus, who was watching him bemusedly. He reached forward and took hold of the front of Magnus’ t-shirt and dragged the warlock toward him. Magnus stumbled against him, and Alec kissed him, hard and fast and messy and unpracticed, but with everything he had. He pulled Magnus against him, his own hand between them, and felt Magnus’ heart stutter in his chest.

He broke off the kiss, and drew back.

“Friday,” he said, and let Magnus go. He backed away, down the landing, Magnus looking after him. The warlock crossed his arms over his shirt — wrinkled where Alec had grabbed it — and shook his head, grinning.

“Lightwoods,” Magnus said. “They always have to have the last word.”

He shut the door behind him, and Alec ran down the steps, taking them two at a time, his blood still singing in his ears like music.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Innovation Nation

My bullying paid off when I harassed my friends to brave the vicious weather and attend the World Trade Center perennial mid-year white party. Fortunately, I did as the monsoon’s elemental assault drenched the metro unmercifully that night. 

The rain poured like there’s no tomorrow even before we reached the venue. The wind roared angrily as its cold breeze slapped our faces the moment we stepped out of the cab.

It was me, JR and Allan. 

We shared each other’s glory and we supported each other when we felt the painful abandonment of good karma. Needless to say, our friendship has remained strong over the years and we have powered through adversities, failed relationships and petty fights.

One thing we haven’t shared though was my apparent joy and often longing for the thunderous thumpa-thumpa of circuit parties since I have fallen into its addiction 2 years ago. This was their first time.

Hi, I’m Silvan and I’m a circuit party addict.

At 30 past midnight, we entered the hallowed hall of the one-night music Mecca. We have agreed that we have put up with the cold and damp long enough to be deemed fashionably late. 

Shortly after, we slowly treaded the signature dark tunnel anticipating the visual and auditory cornucopia at the end. We excitedly approached the light as it shine brighter with every step.

Soon after, we were greeted with the thunderous sound of the Big Fish’s 2013 Innovation White party.

The strobes and laser lights were brilliantly stacked up to showcase a proud choreography in sync with the heart pumping beats played by Internationally renowned and resident DJ’s. By the time Ana Criado belted her set, we were already having a euphoric audio blast. 

We danced ‘till we literally dropped.

Drowned in overpriced booze and an awesome time, my friends and I went home having the time of our lives vowing to be back in August.

When Innovation fades to black. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Burned Biscuit

Disclaimer: This is something shared by my BFF. 

When I was a kid, my Mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. And I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work. On that evening so long ago, my mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage and extremely burned biscuits in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed! Yet all my dad did was reach for his biscuit, smile at my mom and ask me how my day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that ugly burned biscuit. He ate every bite of that thing... never made a face nor uttered a word about it! When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my mom apologize to my dad for burning the biscuits. And I'll never forget what he said: "Honey, I love burned biscuits every now and then." Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his biscuits burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said, "Your Momma put in a hard day at work today and she's real tired. And besides - a little burned biscuit never hurt anyone!" 

As I've grown older, I've thought about that many times. Life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people. I'm not the best at hardly anything, and I forget birthdays and anniversaries just like everyone else. But what I've learned over the years is that learning to accept each other's faults - and choosing to celebrate each other's differences - communicating is one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship... 

and that's my prayer for you today... that you will learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your life and lay them at the feet of God. Because in the end, He's the only One who will be able to give you a relationship where a burnt biscuit isn't a deal-breaker! We could extend this to any relationship. In fact, understanding is the base of any relationship, be it a husband-wife or parent-child or friendship! "Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket - keep it in your own." 

So, please pass me a biscuit, and yes, the burned one will do just fine. And PLEASE pass this along to someone who has enriched your life. Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. "Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point." 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Of Ex's and Extra's

I had a minor scare yesterday when my laptop crashed and didn't power up immediately. I realize that all my files, were not backed up. After a huge sigh of relief, I transferred all my files in an external hard drive. Whilst I did, I found this thread which was saved years back.

Kyle [5:17 AM]: msta?

Silvan [5:17 AM]: ok lang naman
Silvan [5:17 AM]: ikaw?

Kyle [5:17 AM]: maayos din
Kyle [5:17 AM]: nagiging ok n ang lahat
Kyle [5:17 AM]: may bago ako BF

Silvan [5:18 AM]: anong bago?

Kyle [5:18 AM]: dalawa na BF ko

Silvan [5:18 AM]: huh?

Kyle [5:18 AM]: uu

Silvan [5:18 AM]: sino yung isa?

Kyle [5:18 AM]: taga Cebu

Silvan [5:18 AM]: nasa cebu siya ngayon?

Kyle [5:18 AM]: so 3 n kami sa relationship
Kyle [5:18 AM]: nandito

Silvan [5:18 AM]: alam ni original bf?

Kyle [5:19 AM]: mag momove n sa bahay ngayong friday
Kyle [5:19 AM]: uu naman

Silvan [5:19 AM]: talaga

Kyle [5:19 AM]: kaya nga 3 na kami sa relationship

Silvan [5:19 AM]: paano set-up nun?

Kyle [5:19 AM]: sabi ni BF ko
Kyle [5:19 AM]: kesa magloko ako
Kyle [5:20 AM]: eh kukuha nlang kami ng pangatlo sa relationship
Kyle [5:20 AM]: actually ung bago kong bf matagal n nanligaw sa amin yun
Kyle [5:20 AM]: gusto nya maging part sa relationship namin

Silvan [5:20 AM]: mahirap yan

Kyle [5:21 AM]: uu nga
Kyle [5:21 AM]: pero try namin i work

Silvan [5:21 AM]: pero kung saan ka masaya friend...
Silvan [5:21 AM]: alam mo may isang maiiwan dyan

Kyle [5:21 AM]: pero sa ngayun
Kyle [5:21 AM]: ayaw ko p sana

Silvan [5:21 AM]: laging may isang maiiwan

Kyle [5:21 AM]: kasi hnd p totally heal ung sugat n ginawa ko sa BF ko

Silvan [5:22 AM]: sinabi mo ba?

Kyle [5:22 AM]: uu
Kyle [5:22 AM]: pero sabi ni BF

Silvan [5:22 AM]: at nagsisisi ka na ba talaga?

Kyle [5:22 AM]: mas kampanti sya iwan ako sa bahay na alam nya may nagbabantay sa akin
Kyle [5:22 AM]: uu naman
Kyle [5:22 AM]: nagsisi n ako
Kyle [5:22 AM]: pero alam ko kulang p yun
Kyle [5:23 AM]: gusto ko na bumalik sa normal ang lahat

Silvan [5:23 AM]: well, kung napagusapan niyo yan and desisyon niyo parehas. ok lan

Kyle [5:23 AM]: uu nga eh
Kyle [5:23 AM]: mabait nman yung guy

Silvan [5:24 AM]: cute ba

Kyle [5:24 AM]: uu

Silvan [5:24 AM]: anong itsura?

Kyle [5:24 AM]: hehehe

Silvan [5:24 AM]: mas cute kay original bf?

Kyle [5:24 AM]: mas bata kasi

Silvan [5:24 AM]: bata
Silvan [5:24 AM]: sangol?
Silvan [5:24 AM]: hahahahahaha

Kyle [5:24 AM]: 24
Kyle [5:24 AM]: hahahaha

Silvan [5:24 AM]: nong pangalan?

Kyle [5:25 AM]: di ko pa memorize
Kyle [5:25 AM]: ill let you know

Silvan [5:25 AM]: j cody?

Kyle [5:25 AM]: hahahha

Kyle [5:25 AM]: ayoko ng puti
Kyle [5:25 AM]: gusto pinoy lang

Silvan [5:25 AM]: cebuano si j cody

Kyle [5:25 AM]: weeee

Silvan [5:26 AM]: pinoy na pinoy. may killer eyes and hot body
Silvan [5:26 AM]: huh???
Silvan [5:26 AM]: anyway

Silvan [5:26 AM]: like i said, walang pakialam ang mundo kung yun ang set-up niyo

Kyle [5:26 AM]: tama

Silvan [5:27 AM]: pero sa ganyang relationship, laging may maiiwan

Kyle [5:27 AM]: pero malamang feeling ko di magttgal ang ganyang setup

Silvan [5:27 AM]: baka magaway lang kayo lalo

Kyle [5:27 AM]: hnd nmn cguro
Kyle [5:27 AM]: kahit ano mangyari di ko iiwan si Ben

Silvan [5:27 AM]: ending niyan kay cutie ka pa mapupunta
Silvan [5:28 AM]: wawa naman si original bf

Kyle [5:28 AM]: hahaha
Kyle [5:28 AM]: imposible yan

Silvan [5:28 AM]: bakit naman imposible?

Kyle [5:28 AM]: bat ako mapupunta dun i mas kilala ko na asawa ko
Kyle [5:29 AM]: at alagang alaga nya ako lagi
Kyle [5:29 AM]: eh yung isa
Kyle [5:29 AM]: bata pa
Kyle [5:29 AM]: marami p cguro sya mapagdadaanan
Kyle [5:29 AM]: pero kung kagaya ko sya
Kyle [5:29 AM]: malamang magttgal ang relationship

Silvan [5:29 AM]: sana ginawa niyo na lang set-up is open relationship
Silvan [5:30 AM]: eh paano kung si new bf parang ikaw pala?

Kyle [5:30 AM]: ayaw namin ganun
Kyle [5:30 AM]: mas prone sa sakit yun
Kyle [5:30 AM]: eh di mas ttgal relationship naming 3

Silvan [5:31 AM]: alam mo yun open relationship magiging prone ka lang sa sakit kung masyado kang malandi at di ka nagiingat
Silvan [5:31 AM]: and kung kani-kanino ka lang suma-sama

Kyle [5:31 AM]: un nga eh
Kyle [5:32 AM]: pero napag usapan na namin yan

Silvan [5:32 AM]: pero if that's your philosophy... i respect it

Kyle [5:32 AM]: pero ayaw namin ng ganyan set up
Kyle [5:32 AM]: hehehhee

Silvan [5:33 AM]: well... si new bf pwedeng lumandi sa iba?

Kyle [5:33 AM]: hindi
Kyle [5:34 AM]: bawal

Silvan [5:34 AM]: hmmmmm....
Silvan [5:34 AM]: pustahan tayo maghahanap din yan.

Kyle [5:35 AM]: aalamin nnmin yan
Kyle [5:35 AM]: may mga rules dapat
Kyle [5:35 AM]: kung ayaw nya
Kyle [5:35 AM]: ayos lang

Silvan [5:35 AM]: question: kung dumating yung time na kailangan mong mamili sa kanilang dalawa, sino pipiliin mo?

Kyle [5:35 AM]: si Ben

Silvan [5:36 AM]: see

Kyle [5:36 AM]: matagal n kami

Silvan [5:36 AM]: unfair kay new bf

Kyle [5:36 AM]: malalaman din nya yun
Kyle [5:36 AM]: sasabihin ko naman sa kanya

Silvan [5:36 AM]: basically di relationship yung inooffer niyo sa kaniya

Kyle [5:36 AM]: eh sya tong gusto manghimasok sa relationship namin

Silvan [5:37 AM]: ginagamit niyo lang siya... that's unfair for him

Kyle [5:37 AM]: pero later on..

Silvan [5:37 AM]: pero kung gusto niya ring magpagamit, di niyo na problema yun

Kyle [5:37 AM]: matutunan din namin sya mahalin
Kyle [5:37 AM]: tama k jan

Silvan [5:37 AM]: laging may isang tao na mas mamahalin mo Kyle. tandaan mo yan

Kyle [5:38 AM]: uu naman
Kyle [5:38 AM]: let's see
Kyle [5:38 AM]: kung anong mangyayari

Silvan [5:38 AM]: let see...
Silvan [5:39 AM]: akala ko ba gusto mo nang hiwalayan si orginal bf?

Kyle [5:39 AM]: dahil sa gusto ko ng maging single
Kyle [5:39 AM]: pero napag isipan ko na mas kailangan ko sya sa buhay ko
Kyle [5:39 AM]: so ayun
Kyle [5:40 AM]: niligawan ko uli

Silvan [5:40 AM]: you need him because you love him
Silvan [5:40 AM]: or
Silvan [5:40 AM]: you love him because you nee him?

Kyle [5:40 AM]: kailangan ko sya kasi mahal ko sya

Silvan [5:40 AM]: good answer!

Kyle [5:41 AM]: kasama na si Ben sa lahat ng pangarap ko
Kyle [5:41 AM]: sana nga lang with this new set  up namin hnd magugulo relationship
Kyle [5:41 AM]: pero pag tingin ko sumisira n sya
Kyle [5:42 AM]: kailangan na tong iistop

Silvan [5:42 AM]: let him know

Kyle [5:42 AM]: transparent naman ako
Kyle [5:42 AM]: kahit si Ben
Kyle [5:43 AM]: so ikaw
Kyle [5:43 AM]: msta n lovelife?

Silvan [5:43 AM]: you wouldn't be in this situation if you were transparent enough
Silvan [5:43 AM]: lovelife? may date ako last sunday... nakita pa kami ni abs

Kyle [5:43 AM]: hahaha
Kyle [5:44 AM]: so how was it?

Silvan [5:44 AM]: he was cute naman. 19 years old, half japanese. part time model. title holder

Kyle [5:45 AM]: wow ha
Kyle [5:45 AM]: ano name?

Silvan [5:45 AM]: DJ

Kyle [5:45 AM]: ahhh

Silvan [5:45 AM]: kilala mo?

Kyle [5:45 AM]: good for you
Kyle [5:45 AM]: hnd

Silvan [5:45 AM]: pero di pa ako ready to take it to the next level

Kyle [5:45 AM]: wag muna

Silvan [5:46 AM]: i don't think i can
Silvan [5:46 AM]: mabait naman siya and i think he likes me enough
Silvan [5:46 AM]: pero i'm not sure kung i feel the same

Kyle [5:47 AM]: hehehee
Kyle [5:47 AM]: may FB sya?

Silvan [5:47 AM]: malamang meron
Silvan [5:47 AM]: pero i didn't pother to ask eh
Silvan [5:47 AM]: *bother

Kyle [5:47 AM]: ah ok

Silvan [5:48 AM]: baka this coming weekend lalabas ulit kami. after ng photoshoot niya.

Kyle [5:48 AM]: hehehee
Kyle [5:49 AM]: marami ako friends na mga model din
Kyle [5:49 AM]: pero wala pa ako kilala na DJ

Silvan [5:49 AM]: di naman siya established na model

Kyle [5:49 AM]: ahhh

Silvan [5:49 AM]: part time lang
Kyle [5:49 AM]: pero mga malalandi sila lahat
Kyle [5:49 AM]: hehehe

Silvan [5:50 AM]: oo nga eh sabi ko nga sa kanya nung nagdate kami sa ganyang career maraming temptation
Silvan [5:50 AM]: di naman niya dineny pero sabi niya iba daw siya

Kyle [5:51 AM]: hmmm
Kyle [5:51 AM]: yan ang sinasabi ng lahat

Silvan [5:51 AM]: bigyan ko lang daw siya ng opportunity na kilalanin siya

Kyle [5:51 AM]: wow

Silvan [5:51 AM]: feeling ko tuloy haba-haba ng buhok ko
Silvan [5:51 AM]: heheheheeheh

Kyle [5:51 AM]: hahaha

Silvan [5:52 AM]: mukha naman siyang seryoso sa sinabi niya
Silvan [5:52 AM]: pero wala sa kanya yung problem eh
Silvan [5:52 AM]: nasa sa akin
Silvan [5:53 AM]: di pa talaga ako ready
Silvan [5:54 AM]: ako nga yung medyo nahihiya sa kanya. medyo showy kasi siya
Silvan [5:54 AM]: di ako sanay

Kyle [5:54 AM]: wow
Kyle [5:54 AM]: mas gusto ko yan
Kyle [5:54 AM]: showie

Silvan [5:57 AM]: di ako sanay... pakiramdam ko nafeel niya rin yun kaya di na siya masyado naging show later on the date. Pero kiniss niya ako bago kami naghiwalay daming nakatingin sa amin... tapos nung  nakasakay na siya ng cab tapos ako pauwi na, narinig ko yung isang girl nagsalita... "sayang yung dalawa di mo iisipin na bading pala. nakaloko.
Silvan [5:57 AM]: heheheheheheheeh

Kyle [5:58 AM]: HAHAHHA
Kyle [5:58 AM]: sweet naman pala ng manliligaw mo
Kyle [5:58 AM]: gusto ko yun
Kyle [5:59 AM]: kasi ganun ako

Silvan [5:59 AM]: well, di siya si Mavie
Silvan [6:00 AM]: i don't mind kissing Mavie sa daan
Silvan [6:00 AM]: holding his hands
Silvan [6:00 AM]: lahat ng PDF

Silvan [6:00 AM]: pero hindi siya si Mavie

Months after this conversation, I found out that their 3rd wheel is Mark